I was running, I can look back, he was still there! My legs are cold and numb as I run through the this, but soft, snow. "Get back here Kaser! I'm going to kill you!" Please no! I push myself to go faster, to keep moving even if my lungs are burning and I can't feel my legs.

I hear splashing ahead of me, I know he hate water! If I can cross it I might be able to escape! That thought brought a small smile to my blue, cold lips "I will catch you! I will kill you! Even if you do make it to the river and over it I will find a way to get into that land and get you back!" Keven yelled just as I just into the freezing water. I didn't realize how deep it was until it was to late and I sunk to the bottom, the water flow pushing me down stream.

My head hits rocks, sticks, I get pushed up to the surface only to get pulled back under, my vision gets fuzzy and I think I'm hallucinating because it feels like I'm getting lifted into a warm pair of strong arms of a male. While he growled "Mate!"


1. Chapter 1


Song is Hate to see your heart Break by Paramore. 

I look at the small boy in my arms as he violently shivers and his lips turn a pale blue, I pull him closer to my chest aster ripping off his clothes, if you can call them that!, and slip on my big fluffy grey hoodie on his body. My poor mate! With my Alpha speed I sprint off to the pack house while mind linking my beta to get the pack doctor and the thickest blankets he could find and hurry. "It is okay my dearest mate. I will make sure you're safe."

By the time I make it to pack house his heart beat has slowed and his breathing is shallow as his whole body shivers, "Alpha! What happened to him?" Vince, the pack doctor asked while leading me inside. "I found him while I was on patrol, just getting beaten and battered in the water! If you save my mate you will be ranked as head Pack doctor!" They all looked shocked and looked down at the shivering black haired boy, now, wrapped up in my quilt. "I will save our Alpha! Heather get all the hot water bottles and bring them down here, Beta can you please find more blankets? Alpha Denvar you could warm him up faster if you strip of all your clothes and get under the blankets with him, you body heat will help heat him up faster." he didn't have to tell me twice! I striped off all my clothes and slipped into my bed with him, pulled his body on top of mine so his head was resting on my shoulder and his body curled up on my chest as I re-wrap the blanket around us.

Heather ran back in with seven hot water bottles with fuzzy covers on them I reach out and grab a few, feeling the warmth seeping through into my fingers, and place the bottles around us. "Now all we can do it wait, Alpha Devar." Vince whispered with his head bowed. 

A/N So here is my first story on this site! I hope you like the first chapter!



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