Pick one

Jamie moves to Sydney and she has a crush on her neighbor Michael clifford he has feelings for her but his other bandmate ashton has feelings for her too but she has to just pick one.


22. who's the dad

I don't know how this happened I wasn't even with micheal at the time I say to myself,we walk into the hotel,luke tells me that they have to do a concert today.im sorry I said with tears down my face,it's okay he says I said no matter what that I would support you.i need to talk to micheal before you guys do your concert I say walking out to go to mikes room.i knock on his door and tells me to come in kinda happy,I need to tell you something...I'm pregnet..he stood there shocked I know this is rude to ask but is it my baby he says,yes I said sadly.im gonna support you threw this I don't care what luke thinks,I'm the father of our child and I still love you even though your with luke he says hugging me,it's gonna be alright he says

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