Pick one

Jamie moves to Sydney and she has a crush on her neighbor Michael clifford he has feelings for her but his other bandmate ashton has feelings for her too but she has to just pick one.


6. well...

Luke took me home and wanted to talk and my parents weren't there because they went out,but thank god I had the key.we walked into my house and I asked luke if he wanted water or something.umm sure thanks jamie.i handed him the glass of water and we started to talk.so ashton has feelings for you and you also love micheal but you have some sort of connection to ashton.yeah basically and I don't know what to do luke I mean micheal said I had to pick him or ashton.well that's not right he's making you chose over ashton and him,and that's not right of him to do that to you.yeah your right luke but should I go talk to both if them.you know just give it some time and think this through but I mean you don't have to pick neither of them,I mean you'll talk to one of them if you want to ok.thanks luke for everything.hey I'm here any time you need me so don't be afraid to call me,after that he gave his number so I can call him.then he was about to leave but asked me are you sure your ok because I can stay a little longer,no it's ok luke.well ok bye then.i then shut the door and went up stairs,I layed on my back and stared at the ceiling Luke's right I need to think this through.i closed my eyes and fell asleep.now what do I do now

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