Pick one

Jamie moves to Sydney and she has a crush on her neighbor Michael clifford he has feelings for her but his other bandmate ashton has feelings for her too but she has to just pick one.


13. time to tour

Jamie's pov:we'll luke is acting really weird around me I mean it's not like him.and the fact that today the boys are gonna leave for tour is kinda upsetting but I'll try to make it a positive day,I go to micheal and we both hug each other fro so long until he says I love you and I'm gonna miss you.me too mike.he has to go now because ashton was telling him that they needed to go.i go back into my house and go straight to my room and i don't talk to anyone except for my mother we get along really we'll and we relate a lot.i try to be happy but I can't it hurts but I know he's out there living his dream,and I just wanna be happy for him.

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