Pick one

Jamie moves to Sydney and she has a crush on her neighbor Michael clifford he has feelings for her but his other bandmate ashton has feelings for her too but she has to just pick one.


11. plot twist;I wanna be with you but I can't

Luke's pov:I don't know why I'm feeling this way but is it possible that I like jamie.NO I can't she already had to deal with ashton,I shouldn't be thinking this.i should just ask her to go with me somewhere so we can just talk and chill.i call her and I told her what she was doing tonight and she said nothing much I was surprised because she ms usually with micheal but he's probably playing games.i asked her if she wanted to hang out simple enough,and she said yes.so after that I got ready and I heard a ring at the door and it was her.i let her in and she looked so beautiful WAIT NO what am I thinking I thought to myself.um do you wanna go up to my room I asked,sure she said with a smile.we went up to my room and talked and she asked about the tour,so mike told me you guys were going on your next week,yeah I said.she looks at me witb a sad expression what's wrong I ask she just tells me I don't know even though I tell micheal that I won't be lonely and that I'll be okay but I just want him to stay and also want him to live his dream but I don't know luke.jamie it's okay,I mean you guys never been apart so of course your gonna feel like this.thank you luke she says hugging me,just the feeling of her warm embrace makes me want her even more.well I should get going now she says,oh we'll okay by then by jamie she then leaves and I close the door feeling this feeling I haven't felt before it felt really good though it as if I love her

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