Next Step

Inspired by the song 'Next Step' by BTR.
(It's a very short story.)


5. Step 5

Step 5:

'when i left those tears in your eyes'

  I don't know how long its been, but every day it seems that we end up fighting about something. Anything really.

  After having a bad at work I come home to her waiting for me and as soon as I enter the apartment she starts nagging about something to me.

  I ignore it, what else can I do.

  More weeks go by like this.

  One time we are actually having a normal day, no fighting, no yelling, just peace.

  But that's when I knew something was wrong. So I asked her something important.

  Which ended up she getting upset about something so I got frustrated and well we started to argue again. Just like normal.

  She got up and walked into our room, I followed like a jack ass and what I saw, stopped me.

  She sat on our bed crying, there were tears in her eyes.

  I've never made her cry. Ever.

  What did I do? What did I say?

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