Next Step

Inspired by the song 'Next Step' by BTR.
(It's a very short story.)


4. Step 4

Step 4:

'we weren't just friends anymore'

  Its been months since that 'date' at the coffee shop. And the two of us have been together since.

  Life couldn't be better.

  We still go out to the park with our friends, but now we end up sneaking away to do our own things.

  Months since we decided to move in together. I came home to find her on the couch reading one of her worn out books that I bet she could resist the whole thing.

  I jump on top of her, scaring her and ended up getting the book smacked in my face.

  She tried to push me off but I'm too heavy for her, and besides i have her hands pinned down. I kiss her lips, then her neck, back to her lips. We end up saying nothing after our make out session, but looking into each others eyes.

  That's when I say it.

  The big three words.

  'I love you.'

  She smiles the smile that I love, and says 'i love you too you big uff, now get off of me' she ends with laughter.

  I ignore her protests and kiss her again.

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