Next Step

Inspired by the song 'Next Step' by BTR.
(It's a very short story.)


3. Step 3

Step 3:

'when you put your arms around me'

  Since I couldn't get her off my mind, and I didn't have time to go to the park with everyone I called her asked her to have coffee with me.

  I sit here waiting at the coffee shop down the street from my work. (I'm on lunch break.)

  The bell to the door jingles and catches my attention so I look up.

  She's brushing hair out of her face, but I know its her.

  I smile while she sits down, and she does the same.

  Her smile brings happiness to me. Maybe I just love her smile?

  We talk and talk till I tell her I have to get back to work. She stands with me and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me. So I oblige by doing the same.

  But she catches me off guard when she lets go by what she says.
'next time take me to a real place for a first date.'

  She, thought it was a date... Maybe it was. I guess it was.

  I nod and tell her, 'I will, maybe next Tuesday?' She agrees and we part ways.

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