Dream Majesties

There is a world called Skaia, it contains two kingdoms named Derse and Prospit.

Derse is a land of mystery and darkness, purple would blind your eyes everywhere you would walk.

Though, it's partnering kingdom Prospit is quite the opposite. Prospit is a land of purity and joy as some would describe, the brightness of the golden cities would entrance you.

Each kingdom has its king and queen, dutch and dutchess. The only negativity about each is the lack of affiliations and tragedy faced around Skaia.

Perhaps, there is a solution to the feuds. But what can alter the hatred between?


1. Reunion of Time

          The dark starry nights and bright sunny days looked down upon the planet called Skaia. Skaia was a beautiful planet that was home to humans and trolls alike. Unlike other planets, Skaia contained two kingdoms unlike the other planets with a plethora of kingdoms.


          Despite its differences between other planets based on the number of kingdoms, Skaia's two kingdoms are defiantly the most beautiful in the whole universe. One kingdom was named Prospit, yellow streets and golden décor. Prospit was a kingdom full of cheer and joy that spread to every corner of it. Though, its neighboring kingdom Derse was much different. Derse had darkness, isolation, and mystery around it. Some even believe it to contain malicious citizens and evil rulers.


          Many strict rules were given to both kingdoms. Death in each kingdom is not allowed, affiliations with anyone out of the kingdom would pay a severe punishment, if a person is caught in both kingdoms at different times they would be banished; those are some of the rules they created to maintain dignity and balance within the land.


          That is until one day even the first envious king of Prospit had ventured into Derse claiming to complete an important task for the emperor of Skaia. Instead of completing the task, he slain the generous queen of Derse. His reasons are unknown and the original task given to him has been long forgotten.


          Ever since that unfaithful day, the two kingdoms began to wage battle. Dersites mourned over their loss of the queen and avenged her by challenging the Prospitians. Blood and tears remind everyone over the loss of pride and the Derse queen.  Rules have been taken down and the kingdoms fight continually.


          Rose Lalonde sighs and shuts the book closed, she rests her head upon the top purple cushion on her library thrown and flutters her eyes shut. It is always the same old boring text, there is no information that can help reunite both kingdoms once more and balance out the land. Rose believes it would be in both kingdoms best interest if they'd stop the feud and live in peace.


          The sun hasn't even risen over the years and the brightness of the sun has been long forgotten and some have not ever experienced the warmth of it all. Only darkness looms over the planet and not a touch of sunlight reaches the surface of Skaia.


          The gigantic metallic violet doors are pushed open slowly by an unknown guest. The foot steps approach closer to Rose and stop right next to the chair. Rose opens an eye and takes a peak at who has come to visit her during the night.


          "Rose, what are you doing here so late at night?" Rose's brother, Dave Strider, questions with a stoic expression and a concerned tone. Rose sits up properly in her chair and reaches out to grab the book. Once in her grasp, she waved the book in front of Dave.


         "I'm looking for information to help us bring peace to Skaia once again." Rose replies with a gentle smile and sets the book down on the glass table. Dave sighs and slouches against the chair, not facing his sister.


          "Well, what did you find? Anything useful?" Dave crosses his arms over his chest as he questions monotonously. Rose relaxed back into her chair and crossed one leg over the other.


          "I have found nothing during the past horrendous hours. It's all just useless trash that I shouldn't even bother with. They're all just the same simple and historic, plain information-giving books as always. Some didn't even contain the correct perspective, grammar, or tense." Rose scoffs at the last bit she utters.


          Dave pushes himself off the chair and turns back to face Rose. He extends his hand out for Rose to take. Rose follows and places her hand on top of Dave's, he pulls her up and lets go of her hand.


          "We should get some sleep, especially you. You've been at it for the past week, I'm getting worried." Dave doesn't look back at Rose and continues to walk forward. Rose chuckles lightly and quickly walks to catch up with her brother.


          "Fascinating, the heartless King of Derse is actually worried about me." Rose pretends to gasp and places the back of her hand to her forehead. "I feel so honored." She adds whilst clutching her heart and falling backwards with closed eyes. By instinct, Dave instantly catches his sister and sighs when she is confirmed to be safe in his arms. Rose chuckles once more and cracks open her lavender eyes to meet her brother's aviator sunglasses.


          "You can be such an idiot sometimes." Dave states blandly while helping Rose stand firmly on her feet once more. Rose smirks and kisses her brother on his pale cheek.


         " Adieu dear brother. I'll see you in the morning." Rose walks out of the library to the queen's quarters which is also known as her bedroom. Dave follows after her and departs towards his own room which is conveniently next to Rose's.



          Rose is awaken to the loud shriek of a citizen and the sound of gunfire. Her suspicions first went to Jake English, the King of Prospit, but her suspicions were proved incorrect once she hear the chilling word HoNk. The Bard of Prospit, Gamzee Makara, has walked into Dersite territory and is bound to eliminate as many Dersites as possible.


         Feeling frantic and worried, Rose storms out of her room wearing her orange pajamas, which is also her old Seer of Light outfit she turned in after she became queen. Typically, at the castle gates Gamzee has already arrived and is shooting at the wooden gates with his rifle by his side.


          Dave could be heard darting from his quarters and descending down the stairs with his sword at the ready. He glanced back at Rose who had widened lavender eyes and her short platinum blonde hair flowing in the harsh wind. Dave kisses her on the cheek and extends his arm to stop her from moving forward.


          "Keep yourself safe, sis."  Dave gently pushes her back and shuts the heavy violet doors. His breathing became scratchy and his voice grew hoarse.

          "Bard of Rage!" Dave yells with his sword held tightly within his grasp. His hands became shaky and his breath hitches more than it already is. Gamzee lets out a low and demonic chuckle.


           "Hehe. The Knight of Time! What a surprise to see you!!!" Gamzee yells without his typical slur. A devilish grin spreads across his face as he aims the rifle at Dave.


          "You know. I never have been a person to be all up and shooting people with a silly little rifle. I'm usually all up with my jugglo clubs and swingin' them against peoples heads. But, the Page and Witch was all up an' suggestin' I try this out!" Gamzee fires a shot at Dave and he somehow dodges it as quick as possible. I suppose many, many years as a knight does that to you.


          "Gamzee! Just return to Prospit where you belong! We don't want to wage war any further than this!" Dave yells loudly whilst his grip on the handle tightened until his knuckles turned white. Gamzee's smile only widened more and he strutted closer to Dave. Gamzee shoves the barrel of the gun into Dave's mouth and grins darkly.


          "Any last words, Prince?" Dave shuts his eyes tightly once he hears the safety of the gun be removed and the trigger being pulled. Though, the blood flowing his mouth or the gaping hole in the back of his mouth didn't happen as he expected. Instead, a troll with curly long hair tucked into a red hood stood in front of him.


          "Go back to Prospit where you belong Gamzee." The voice mumbles darkly, the troll grabs Gamzee's gun and sends some guards to take him away.


          "Sorry for the trouble that has been caused dear king." The sweet innocent voice apologizes and turns to face Dave. Dave's orbs widen behind his shades and he grabs Aradia's gentle gray hands. She is alive, she's real, and she's standing right in front of him! Many have forgotten Aradia ever since the death of her, but now she's back - living and breathing.


          "Don't apologize....just-" Dave couldn't find any words to utter and just pulls Aradia in for a warm embrace. When they were children, both were destined to be the only time players in their class. After Dave became a Knight of Time before Aradia became her Maid of Time alternative self, Dave had left and never saw Aradia unfortunately.


          "I missed you Dave...." Aradia mumbles into his shoulder whilst her rust red wings fluttered slightly. Her arms tighten around his chest and she sighs in content. "I'm glad to see you again." She adds once more with light rust blood tears.


          "Me too."


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