Forever and Always.

Bella Jones. She was a girl. Not that cliche shit where its all like "she was so popular she dated the jocks". No, she was just a girl. Not many people paid attention to her. Besides her parents, brother, and his ass of a friend Niall.


3. III

 Bella pov


          When I got to school the next day, I went straight to my locker and got out my History book. I realized I still had like 10 minutes before Math started, so I raced to Niall's locker. Just as I was hoping, he was there. 

"Niall? Can I talk to you?" I asked. "Hey if I said anything i should have not said, please just tell me. I'm so sorry about what happened with Katie and I know you didn't mean to get upset." I said.

"Um no. Its nothing you did. Just don't hang around that Ashton kid okay? Hes not a very good friend". Niall said, looking bored with the conversation.

"Niall, I really enjoy spending time with you. I hope we can do that again some other time. Well not the whole crying and leaving thing ha-ha." I said. Oh god I'm blushing now.

"Yeah you too! Hey listen I gotta go to history. Crap I don't have my book!"

"Here Niall, you can use mine. But give it to me at lunch because i have history 6th period."

"Oh okay! Thanks Bella... Im um gonna go now so I'll um talk to you later!" 

"Okay!" I said rolling my eyes. I could tell he was nervous. It's kinda cute-wait Bella no! You can't like him. What happened to your crush on Harry? Wow. Gosh 5 minutes to till the bell rings. I gotta go!

Whenever I got to math I sat down by Ashton.

"Hey bells" Ashton said

"Hey Ash! Uhm Can I ask you something"

"Sure. I guess."

"Ok. So.. I was wondering whats up with you and Niall? He said I shouldn't hang out with you because you aren't a good friend. Why?"


"Miss Jones and Mr Irwin would you like to share what your saying to the class? I mean it has to be important right?" Mrs Poole, my Algebra teacher said.

"I um-"
"No. We are fine. I was just asking Bella how you do number 34." Ashton said, interrupting me. 


Nialls POV

        When we got dismissed to go to lunch I headed to bellas locker. I new she would be there. 

"Hey, um Bella heres your book. Hey wanna go get something from the pizza place across the street?"


I had told Niall I would meet him across the street after i went to the bathroom and put up my books. When I was leaving the bathroom I saw a couple of girls walking down the hall. And they were talking about Niall. 

"Yeah I know right! I don't think its right for him to talk to you Kimberly and then get all in love with that girl Bella." The one with the long,thick,curly hair said. 

"I know! We talked for a few months and we kissed alot. It must be something I did. Wait, all the girlfriends hes had after Katie have all disappeared  from Nialls side. He loves em and dumps em."Kimberly said.

"Wow. You sound like you don't really care anyways Kimmy." 

"Well,I knew it would happen. We should tell that Bella girl. But she wouldn't believe us."

Just then I walked right in front of them to make it clear I was listening. 

"Bella! Wait your'e Bella right?''

"Yeah. Don't bother. I already heard everything." I said warm tears forming in my eyes.

"How many girls did Niall date again in these past 6 months Kimmy?'' One of them asked

"Uhm including me like 4 or 5."

Just then I ran down the hall and went across the street to the pizza place

"Hey Bella what took you so long? You were gone for like 8 months."

"How many girls did you see in between those 8 months? 6?"

"Bella what are you talking about?"

"How many girls did you see before me?"

"Bella. I havent seen anyone since Katie. Im not lying."

"Yes you are. Just leave me alone and go find a new girl!"

I then started to walk across the street and I saw Harry leaving basketball practice.

I can't lie. I have always had a small crush on Harry even though he is my best friend.

"Harry!" I said as the warm tears fell from my cheeks.

"Hey Bella whats wrong?!" He said as he walked over to me.

"Im so freaking stupid. I thought Niall cared."

"Niall?  I told you to stay away from him!"

"I know. Hes just so.."

"So what?!?!"

"Just me. He gets me."

"Ugh whatever. Wheres your car?"

"Niall drove me this morning" I said.

"Well lunch is almost over. Lets go back to my place."
"Okay. Thank you Harry. Your'e such a good friend. I love you for that."

"Aw I Love You too!" Harry said (friend zone)

When we got back to Harrys  place, i sat on his couch/

"Harry how in the world do you have your own house at 18 and still in high school?" I said. What even! Does he sell drugs or something?((joke))

"I inherited from my parents death. Its all of their money since I was an only child."




A/N ew this sucks but idc its better than drugs. Wait I wouldn't know that.





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