Forever and Always.

Bella Jones. She was a girl. Not that cliche shit where its all like "she was so popular she dated the jocks". No, she was just a girl. Not many people paid attention to her. Besides her parents, brother, and his ass of a friend Niall.


2. II

 Bellas P.O.V.

Niall stood there, realizing that he still had bloodshot eyes and tears falling down his cheek. So he slowly started walking over to me, and he sat down and started our movie. 15 minutes into the movie Niall slid his hand over to mine and held my hand, leaving me clueless on what to do, since I don't really see him as more than friends. He looked at the expression on my face and quickly pulled away. 

"Too soon?" He said with a small, fragile laugh.

"Niall why were you crying? I know its not really any of my business but I just wanted to help you. " I said looking sad.

"Bella, I think you need to go home before i get worse."' what? What did I do? Was it something I said? I feel horrible!
"N-Niall what did I do!" 

"I SAID FUCKING GO! I want to keep you safe!" And with that, I was out the door and over to Ashtons. 


*25 mins earlier*

I was so happy the I finally got Bella over. I really enjoy her company and think shes a good friend. 


(text from ash)

Ashton: If you ever try anything on Bella, I will slice you open and sacrifice you to Satan. Don't hurt her.

Niall: Really! what would I do? I'm not gonna have sex with her. Im not that kind of guy. 

Ashton: What about Katie..? :) 

Niall : Don't bring her up. What happened to her was wrong on so many levels and it was your fault. 

Ashton: No Niall.. YOU let that happen to her. You didn't keep her safe and it impacted her and you. You are a horrible person. 


I threw my phone on the ground and started crying. Katie was the love of my life until Ashton thought it was okay to  wreck it.  Then one day I walked in on Katie and Ashton making out and it felt like my insides were being ripped out. She was my everything.  


Nialls pov

It was 11:27 pm. Ashton said he was just going to go show Katie his motorbike

It had been 23 minutes since the were gone. And then it hit me. Ashton doesn't own a motorbike. 

I started to run but I was slow due to my heavy breathing and crying. 

When I got down the hall to Ashtons garage door, I opened it and saw exactly what I suspected. 

"No fucking way." I said with a chuckle

"I knew it. My best Pal with the love of my life."

"N-Niall it's not what it looks like. Please let me explain." Katie said

"No Katie. There is no explanation. You cheated on Niall with me" Ashton said with a smirk.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD" I yelled at Ashton running up to him and punching him in his torso. 

"N-Niall stop! I love him!" Katie yelled. 

"GET OUT NOW YOU WHORE! I TRUSTED YOU!" I yelled, pushing her into the driveway, continuously.

"Niall theres a car!" Ashton yelled running to Katie..

But it was too late. The car hit her and she went flying into the air. 

At the hospital the doctor tried to save her but it was too late. She had broken her skull. 

"NO!" Her mother, Deborah yelled. 

"Niall this is YOUR fault! BURN.IN.HELL.!" Ashton yelled.



Niall pov

I need to do it. I love her. I need to be with her. Unless, someone stops me. But they won't. Because noone cares.



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