My Other Half *Larry Stylinson*

I think I realized my feelings for him when I saw him audition. His feminine voice, his feathery hair, the beanies he wore, his funny personality, and his charming smile. There is no way that I would ever tell anyone about my feelings for him. The only person that I have ever told is Liam, because I trust him to keep it. But, there is no way I could ever tell Louis He's my best friend, how would he feel? I don't even want to know what his reaction would be if I were to tell him. So I won't. Maybe he feels the way I do, though I sincerely doubt it. He would never talk to me if he found out, I can't risk loosing my best friend.


1. Chapter One

Harry huffed and swung the door open to him and Lou's room on the bus. It had been a long concert, tiring. He ran his fingers through his long sweaty hair, untying his bandana and throwing it to the side.
He shook his hair around and plopped down on his bed with a grunt. "I, am so tired." He mumbled through his pillow, his voice coming muffled.
He heard Lou chuckle. "You and everyone else." He said.
Harry turned over on his back and slipped his boots off of his feet, laying back and relaxing. "I'm gonna take a nap." He said. 
Lou chuckled and turned to him, kissing Harry playfully on the forehead. "Night Hazza!!" He yelled in his ear. Harry winced and rubbed his ears, a blush on his cheeks from his kiss on the forehead. "Night Lou." He said. 
Once Lou went to his top bunk and was on his phone, Harry slipped his shirt off and stretched. Then, he slipped his black skinny jeans off and put a pair of sweats on. He then slipped under his thick blankets and engulfed himself into the warmth, until his eyes fluttered shut and he fell into a deep sleep.

Lou soon got off of the phone with his mum and looked around a bit. He decided he was hungry, so he climbed off the bed and made sure he was quite, so he wouldn't wake Harry. He looked over at the sleeping boy and a smile formed on his lips. 
The crush he had for this boy was unbearable. But he just played it off as they were close friends. He bit lip and just stared at him, thinking how adorable he looked when he slept. He shook the thought away and walked into the kitchen. 
When he walked into the kitchen he began rummaging through the fridge, looking for something- anything to much on. Soon his eyes landed on a cheese stick. He nodded and sat down on the couch in the living room, grabbing the remote.
His finger pressed onto the large power button as he turned the channel to the conjuring, a movie he'd watched a million times, but he still loved it. He propped his feet up on the small coffee table and watched the screen, peeling the wrapper off of his snack. Though about an hour in, Lou fell asleep.

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