Do You Love Me?

Ella Hood is Calum Hood's adopted sister. But what happens when he moves away and she is left alone? Will she move with Calum or stay alone?


12. School Yay! *Sarcasm*

Luke's P.O.V.

I feel really bad for saying that to Ella. Surprise surprise, we have the all of the same classes. Michael kept glaring at me. Ella must have told him. In P.E., Abby was sooo bad at dodgeball. She kept doing what she called "dodging". I miss Ella she would be able to make me laugh in a heartbeat. 

Ella's P.O.V.

I. Hate. P.E. And. Luke. Okay so here's what happened. Luke and his girlfriend were talking and suddenly Luke left her. He picked up a ball and threw it. Guess where it landed. Right in my stomach. No surprise there. Before I went unconscious, Luke ran up to me and said he was sorry. And I said,"Fuck off Luke you tried to hit me." "Okay maybe I did because you're a spoiled slut and no one loves you!!" I started crying and then I went unconscious after I felt something hit my head. I woke up to all of my friends huddled around me, except Luke. I missed him. Where was he? "Ella are you okay,"Ashley asked. "Where am I?" "In a hospital,"Michael said eating something, as usual. "Why?" Luke came in. "Guys can I talk to her alone?" "Sure man, good luck,"Calum said. Emily hit him. I tried to laugh, but I was in so much pain it hurt to move. "Listen Ella, I'm so so so so sorry. Please forgive me?" "Why should I?" "Because I love you." "Do you love me?" Our eyes met I was searching for an answer when he answered me back,"Yes. Let me prove it." Before I'd could say anything, he kissed me. It felt like fireworks. 

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