Do You Love Me?

Ella Hood is Calum Hood's adopted sister. But what happens when he moves away and she is left alone? Will she move with Calum or stay alone?


1. School. Ugh.

Ella's P.O.V

     I woke up to my favorite song,"Summertime Sadness". I said, "I should really get a new favorite song it's not even summer anymore. Oh crap, it's not summer anymore!!!!" Rushing to find a cute outfit I put on a Nirvana t-shirt, a black skater skirt, and my black Converse. As for my messy lump of hair, I put it into a messy bun. Eh, whatever. I went downstairs to find Calum waiting for me so we could get to the bus. "Took you long enough to wake up," he said. I glared at him and he burst out laughing. I punched him. Hard. He did a pouty face and I said,"Awwww pwease forgive me." Batting my long eyelashes. He laughed as we walked out of the house and I started riding my skateboard to the bus stop. I was almost to the bus stop, with Calum running behind me. LOL. Sometimes, I think that boy's crazy. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him. As I did so, I ran into a boy with blonde hair. I stood up,"OMG I'm soooo sorry I was making fun of my brother and I wasn't looking," I said blushing. Damn, this boy was hot. And tall. He was maybe a foot taller and when I looked up at him his piercing blue eyes met my brown ones. "Hi I'm Ella." "Oh yeah, aren't you Calum's sister?" I opened my mouth about to answer when, as if right on cue, Calum runs up to us and starts cracking up. I elbowed him and he stopped. "Oh hey man," Luke said, pulling Calum into one of those weird guy hugs us girls aren't supposed to understand. 

Luke's P.O.V.

     The bus pulled up and I sat in a seat next to well, no one. Calum and Ella sat in the seat across from me. Michael and Ashton sat in the seat behind me laughing for some weird reason about unicorns. Whatever. I decided to start the conversation. "So Ella, Calum talks about you a lot. How come we haven't met you?" "


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