Do You Love Me?

Ella Hood is Calum Hood's adopted sister. But what happens when he moves away and she is left alone? Will she move with Calum or stay alone?


11. School in Melbourne

Luke's P.O.V.

I saw her walk out of the jet and I immediately recognized her. It was Ella. She looked different. She was taller. Her hair was way longer and she was really skinny. So she's the one in our music video. Crap. The rest of the band decided she was going to be my girlfriend in the music video since everyone else had a girlfriend. I guess it won't be that hard to act for her then. 

Ella's P.O.V.

We got in the boys' car and they drove me to where I was staying. Of course, I was staying with Ashley. Don't get me wrong, I love Ashley she's my bestie, but I'm scared everyone will hate me. I brought everything in our apartment. It was really big. Tomorrow is the starting of the last week of school here in Melbourne. It's really close to summer. Don't worry, I've been taking school back in Sydney. Shelby and I are actually friends. She's really nice now. I've been turning our school upside down. I hope there's a talent show at this school. I wrote a song and I think it's pretty good. 

*The Next Day*

I woke up to a certain Aussie dog named Luke licking my face. "Luke,"I screamed at the top of my lungs. Luke suddenly came rushing in. "Umm what are you doing here?" "Well, you called my name,"he said in a sassy girly tone making me laugh. "Ella get ready school starts in an hour." "Okay Mum,"I said making us both laugh. I put on a black skater dress a red bandanna and some red Converse my acting company bought me. The converse had black and white stars on them the tongue was red and on the side it said 5sos. Hmm. I wonder what that means. I put my hair in a ponytail and sat down playing the Kardashian Game on my phone. Ashley woke up soon after. "How has your life been here in Melbourne?" "Why would you want to know,"she said meanly. "Ummm, because I'm your best friend." "No, from the looks of it you're some spoiled slut trying to take away my best friend's boyfriend." I looked her in the eyes crying,"How do you not recognize your own best friend,"I said walking out of our apartment with my school supplies in my backpack on my back. Luke came down and I suddenly turned red because my eyes were probably already red from crying so much. "Ella what's wrong?" "What's wrong?!?! My best friend just called me a spoiled slut,"I basically yelled. "Who? Ashley?" "Yes." "Ella you're lying Ashley wouldn't say that to you." "Yes she would. I would know because she just did,"I said walking out of the apartment building. "She probably just didn't recognize you." "Yeah that's probably what it is,"I said sarcastically. We walked to school talking about our different lives and catching up. We walked in and these three girls came up to us. "Hey Lukey,"the blonde one said. "Hey babe,"he kissed her. "Well, I'm just going to go get my schedule,"I said walking to the office. I was just innocently standing at my locker when the blonde girl and her "posse" came up to me. "Who are you,"she asked me. "Well, who are you,"I said in a really sassy tone. "I'm Abby Christianson, the leader of the school." "Well Abby not nice to meet you." Luke came up to us and said,"Come on Abby don't talk to that slut." My mouth was wide open. Abby smirked at me. Luke looked sorry with his eyes. I ran away crying until I ran into Michael. "Ella are you okay, "he asked me. "No. Luke called me a slut and so did Ashley this morning. Then Luke walked away from me with that stupid Abby girl."

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