Do You Love Me?

Ella Hood is Calum Hood's adopted sister. But what happens when he moves away and she is left alone? Will she move with Calum or stay alone?


10. *One Year Later*

Ella's P.O.V.

My acting company just called me. I'm doing a music video for some boyband called 5 Seconds of Summer. I don't know why, but that name sounds familiar. Later today, I have dance. I do all types of dance. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, you name it. I also love to sing I have a YouTube channel. I've written a few songs. Anyways, this weekend I'm moving to Melbourne for a month. Since my brother left I've been getting a lot of money from acting and dancing in movies. I have an Australian Shepherd named Luke. Everything time I say that name I cringe.

*Fast Forward To The Weekend*

I'm packing all of my clothes my flight is in a few hours. The band will be there to greet me. I walked out of my house with my Aussie by my side. I leaving for my private jet. Yes, I have a private jet.  When we landed in Melbourne I walked out of my jet and looked for the band. "Guys what's her name again,"a boy that sounded a lot like my brother said. "Ella." "What's her last name?" "I don't know they didn't say." Luke ran up to the four boys and their three girlfriends. I recognized them immediately. I put my sunglasses on and hoped they wouldn't know it's me. "Luke come back here baby,"I said and he came and stood by my side. I put my sunglasses on my head and pet Luke. "So you're Ella,"Ashton said. "What's your last name,"Cal said. "Henderson,"I said. Calum whispered something to Luke. The three girls were too busy petting my dog to notice me. "What's your favorite animal,"Luke asked. "Hmm obviously a penguin because penguins are life,"I said. "NO WAY IT IS YOU ELLA!!!" Calum practically jumped on me. "Would you get off me please,"I asked. "Oh, yeah,"he said. 

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