Online Stranger

I can't see him. I know its a him he's told me. My names Macie and I have no life , im depressed , my parents hate me. The only thing holding me is Niall. My Internet friend . My only Friend. He's really sweet. He's helped me through everything, we help each other out. he's also depressed.


4. Ugly Nightmares

"Maci , I need to tell you something ." I go towards her and she tells me my dad is in the hospital. "CHELSEY WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!" I told her. "He'll be fine." She said with a flat expression. "Sure since you do t care anymore! I'm leaving to the hospital!" I yelled in her blank face. I started walking out in the cold winter night. When I almost got to the hospital , there was this force preventing from going inside! "Help! Help!" I started to scream. I can't breathe now. Something won't let me breathe. Its now like I'm trapped inside a plastic bag. 

I woke up gasping for air. I've had this sae dream for the past two weeks. Its weird and scary a the same time. I turn over to my clock and its 5:45 am damn, might as well get up and ready for today. Its a Saturday. Ya , that means I get to go to Ivette today! And that means WiFi and I get to chat to Niall!! 



Sorry for short chapter! I'm really tired! 

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