Online Stranger

I can't see him. I know its a him he's told me. My names Macie and I have no life , im depressed , my parents hate me. The only thing holding me is Niall. My Internet friend . My only Friend. He's really sweet. He's helped me through everything, we help each other out. he's also depressed.


5. Tequila's

"Chelsy I'm leaving at 10:30 to Ivette's house!" I tell my mom. "Ok. How long are you staying?" She asked. "Until tomorrow morning?" I said. But it came out more like a question. "Alright." she said and walked off. "thank the Lord!" I whispered to my self. 


"I'm leaving now..," I called out. no answer. Oh well! 


"Hey can you put in your WiFi password?" I asked Ivette. "Sure!" She replied. "Are you gonna text Niall...?" "Duhh!" I answered. 

Niall is active

N~ hey you're finally on! 

M~ yeah sorry. I just came to mah friends house and she has WiFi so why not use it to talk to you... lmbo!! 

N~ awwh I feel special.

M~ you are!

N~ lol

M ~ yeah so how is your day or how was your day?

N~ it was ehh. cx

M~ ok what's wrong

N~ I. Started cutting again...

M~ why? I wanna cry now...

N~ no don't cry! And my dad keeps abusing me and its getting worse.

M~ where do you live? 

N~ wait , what?

M~ I need to meet you , and take you home with me. Well not my house but somewhere else . 

N~ Mullingar , Ireland. Why? 

M~ omfg !! I live 20 mins away from there. wtf!!!! 

N~ damn arent you excited? 

M~ yes! Well , I gtg gonna go eat. 

"Hurry up Maci!" 

"I'm comin'! " I told Ivette.

• • •

"Oookay , your order will be right up!" 

"Thank you and Merry Christmas , sir!" I told the waiter.

"Oh my thank you, you too!" He replied with widest smile ever.


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