Online Stranger

I can't see him. I know its a him he's told me. My names Macie and I have no life , im depressed , my parents hate me. The only thing holding me is Niall. My Internet friend . My only Friend. He's really sweet. He's helped me through everything, we help each other out. he's also depressed.


3. Online Stranger is always here for me.

Niall is active
Finally he's on.
N~ hi , how was your day love?
Ughh I hate when he calls me love,bleh!
M~ it's Maci, not love! And it was rough; mother didn't let me go to school because she wanted to use me as her dog and make me clean her house. You?
N~ Wow , she is a total bitch! My day was also rough; the jerks at school beat me again, but I'm used to it now...
M~ I really wish I could help you , and give you a bear hug. frfr I'm not kidding.
N~ tell me about it... 

M~ I'm being serious at least send me a pic of you !!?!

N~ fine.

Niall has sent you an image.

Damn, he is hott. Wait what? He's cute , he's all puncky and stuff. He has colorful hair and tattoos and piercings. He is really cute...

N~now you send me a pic of you. I want to see you, too

M~okay. But I'm horrible. Can I tell you a secret?

N~ no you're beautiful and what?

M~ you're.... Ermm.....adorable....

M~ okay I sent it.

N~ *blushes* why thank you. And you're absolutely beautiful. I love your hair and eyes are gorgeous. af! 

M~stop you're making me blush , dude. I gtg! I'll text you tmrw! 

N~ okay bye! :) xx 

I log off the website and get ready to go to bed.

I really wish I could meet Niall. 

-------------------------------------------------------------End of on-line chat-------------------------------------------------------------------

"Maci..." My mother called me from the door frame. 

"Yes , Chelsy?" I don't call her mom anymore. 

"I'm going out , keep an eye on max." She said , before I could answer she was out of site. No, Max is not a person; he's our puppy. Is it surprising that  she cares more about the dog then me?

Let me tell you about myself. I'm Maci Lewis. I'm 17 years old, and my life is a mess because my parents divorced. Mom kept me even though I wanted to live with dad. Anyways, my only friends are Niall and Ivette. Yes, I am a loner. Well, I do self harm but that does not really matter because nobody cares about me. I have a average standard of living. But I don't care about money , all I want is how life was before. I get bullied by a group of girls there only three girls , Lizbeth , Beatriz , Elizabeth. I do t know why tho? I didn't do anything to them! Before mom and dad divorced , mom used to say they were just jealous of me because I was prettier than them. But now mom says I'm ugly and fat and worthless. Its painful to hear all those hateful things that come from your own mother! It truly is horrible. She also abuses me. Its also really painful; but it is not the actually blows that hurt, it is the blows to my soul. When I can't handle it anymore I talk to Niall and Ivette. They are the only things holding me together; If it weren't for them I'd probably be dead. I am suicidal. It horrifying  to think if you died only two people would actually care.


When I woke up this morning it was raining. Ugh , I should probably take extra pair of clothes. I might get thrown around in the mud. By those stupid bitches. I swear I'm gonna punch them one day. It might be today. I dunno. I get ready in five minutes I grab my phone before I leave. 

"I'm so fancy..." That was signalling I had a new message . I love Iggy Azelea. She is just the best. The text was from Ivette. It read:

Hii , i just wanted to tell if you want to come woith me after school? To dinner at Tequilas! 

Of course im going Tequilas isthe best! 

Before I could answer I had arrived at school so I'm just gonna tell her in first period.

"Hey bitch!" Lizbeth told me. I scoffed at her. She came up to me and tried to slap me. "Not today , slut!" I told her. She's know to be the schools slut. Haha,what a bitch. I stopped her other hand from coming and punched her in her big fat nose. 


So I'm here sitting in the principals office. I beat the bitch's ass.

I told the principal she did it first and about how her and her badass gang bullies me. And she got suspend for the whole week! I only got iss. In school suspension . for a day and a half. -.- 

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