My Vampire Brother

I'm Nikkei Cecelia Horan, and my family and I are vampires.
At the age of 18 we get to choose if we want to leave the family nest, or to stay. So when Niall turned the age of 18, he left. But he promised me one thing.
' I will come and see you when you turn 18, its either you come with me, or you leave our loved ones.'
I had a choice to make, to leave or to stay.
Please read 'My Vampire Brother'


7. Chapter Six

Niall's P.O.V

"Please Niall, I want to spend time with Louis."

She pulled the puppy dog eyes on me, I groaned and ran my hands through my hair.

I couldn't say no to Nikkei.

I could tell she read my mind, which mentally ticked me off, but I guess there's nothing to stop her from doing so

"Okay, but no funny business. I know you both like each other, so don't fuck it up."

After I said that, I had received a smirk from Harry and a smack on the side of my arm from, Nikkei.

'What the hell?' I thought.

"You don't say people's feelings in front of them. Geeez"

I felt bad, I was about to reply before she darted away towards Louis' dressing room.

Ughh, great now I fucked up again, great brother you are Niall.

I waited for Harry to head towards hair and make up, whilst I headed backstage to help with soundcheck.


After what didn't even feel like 10 minutes, I could feel a presence behind me.

I shot around and looked over at a ticked off Nikkei

All I could think was Louis.

Nikkei shook her head and sat beside me.

"It's not Louis, Niall. He's fine. I got thrown out of his dressingroom by a freaking security guard and he snapped my tag off, hence why it's in my hand."

I could feel the fury igniting inside of me.

"How dare they, that's no way to treat a women, what did Louis do about it hun?"

I noticed she looked phased out and shrugged her shoulders


She shot her head in my direction, and I noticed she had tears streaming down her eyes.

I wisped her into a hug and let her tears escape onto my shirt.

I let her cry until I could sense she was calming down, I took this the option to ask her what's wrong.

She choked a couple times, before she was quiet.

"Nik?" I cooed

She looked up into my eyes and sighed.

"Yes, Niall?" She whispered.

I could sense she was going to start crying, but she held it inside.

What a strong girl

"Whats wrong sweetie, what's made you so upset?"

She stifled a sob and trained her eyes on her arm.

"I- I really like Lou b-but-t h-ee ha-s a-a girlfriend."

I was about to interject, when Liam darted beside her and looked up towards me

"What's wrong, what happened to Nikkei?"

I groaned and looked up at him sympathetically.

'I'll explain later' I mouthed.

He nodded and rubbed circles on Nikkei's back.

Poor girl.


Nikkei's P.O.V

Your probably wondering why I estimated how Louis has a girlfriend, his phone. He left his phone in the dressing room. When I was in there, a message beeped. Being the nice friend I am, I checked it. I instantly regretted doing so.

Current Messages: 1


Eleanor Baby xo

I love you too baby, thank you for the pass, will see you tonight xx

sent at 6:06pm


I locked his phone and placed it back on his dresser, when that stupid security guard came in, and ushered me out without letting me explain.

Then now here I am, wrapped into Niall's arms, with Liam rubbing circles in my back.

I know they're talking about me, everyone does.

I let out one last sob and sat up.

Niall had sympathetic eyes, whilst Liam just showed a small smile, typical Liam thinking everything is okay.

I faked a smile and whisked myself to a stand

I watched in awe as Liam noticed Minnie standing at the door, in confusion. Liam whisked over to her, and picked her up bridle style, then darted back towards us with Minnie in his arms.


Minnie was set down on her two legs, and looked sympathetically at me, I was starting to get pissed.

I looked at them, then darted out of the room into the arena.

I darted up to the very far set of the seats, and sat down.

I breathed out a long breath and let the silence over fill the thoughts running through my head. How could he not tell me he was already in a relationship with someone.

I'm not a toy, I don't get why everyone that I like, thinks its okay to keep shit hidden from me. To be cheated on from Shane, my ex. To now be told that a guy I've had a huge liking over since Niall was in the band, is now already dating someone, is fucked. I deserve to know. Maybe Niall said Louis only liked me as a friend, but how come Louis showed the other signs? Why can't I just be happily in love with someone, that won't toy with me.

I kicked the chair in front of me, which I accidentally kicked too hard to leave a huge foot hole at the back.

I chuffed in frustration and darted across the stadium to the other side, watching the boys do their soundcheck.

I felt the urge to go down there and rip off Louis neck, but I kept my cool. Maybe I need to hunt, maybe that's why I'm so unpleasant at the moment, but that doesn't mean that Louis can treat me and make me be his little rag doll.


I screamed a little too loudly, cause after that word came out of my mouth I saw 5 heads snap in the direction the shout came from.

I watched as they all placed their microphones back into the sand and they started darting their way to me.

Shit Shit Shit.

I darted off to the right and kept running. I ran out of the stadium and into the extremely large crowd of girls. Good I lost them. I noticed Louis' black BMW around the back, with a security guard. I darted over to the security guard and stopped in front of him. He looked at me puzzled, then fiercly grabbed my arm.

"What do you want, slut?" He spat, venom menacing in his voice.

I was taken back by his harsh words, but that didn't stop me from cracking.

"I'm here for Louis' car keys. He said I can have it." I spat back, in the same tone. Releasing his grip on me.

He chuckled a low and horrific laugh before glaring at me.

"I'm not falling for that shit, bitch. I'm not letting you near him and his things anytime soon."

He growled.

I huffed in response and growled back.


He glared at me and whipped out his phone, letting Lou's car keys fall to the ground. Him being too preoccupied on the phone, I quickly lent down, grabbed the keys, unlocked the car, got in and then locked it back up.

I placed the key in the ignition, I was about to start it up and reverse, when I heard yelling on the other side of the phone line.

Great being able to have great hearing.

I listened closer and sat there.


I could sense the tension through the car.

"But sir! She's right here, wait! Where she?"

He turned around and looked at me in the car.

I smirked.

"Get out of that car, this instant you slut!"

I snickered a laugh and started the car, and reversed out of the back entrance onto the road, with the security guard still yelling at me and Louis.

I could hear what Louis was saying on the phone, through my head.

"I'm on my way down there. Don't let her drive away."

Too late sucker.

I sped off down the road, heading towards a vacant hotel on the other side of the city.

I pulled into a park and hopped out.

I grabbed my bag, and made my way into the reception desk.

I walked over and stood infront of the desk.

The man looked up at me and smiled

"Hi there, what would you need help with today?"

I looked around and looked back at the man, with the name tag called "Fredderick."

"Well, I was wondering if I could book a room, for a couple nights?"

He simply smiled at me and nodded.

"No problem, ma'am. Would you like high class, or economy class room?"

"Economy class please."

He nodded and typed a few things in on the computer.

"Just need a few personal details. Name?"

"Loriel Backman"

He nodded



He smiled and typed it in

"Any form of ID on you at all, Ms Backman."

I nodded and handed it over to him.

He took once glance then looked back up at me,

"It says your Nikkei Horan, and your seventeen years old. Is that true Ma'am?" 

I simply nodded and looked back at him.

"Why hide your identity?"

"I'm trying to keep a low profile away from my brother and his friends, that's why I wanted to hide myself. Please let me have a room for a couple of nights, I will pay extra. Anything, please?"

He nodded his head and sighed.

"Only this time. Here are your room keys and some information on the room. Your check is with the bundle."

I smiled, I was about to move when I turned back to him.

"if they ask if im here, please just say Im not?"

He smiled and nodded.

"No problem, Ms Horan."

I thanked him and made my way up to my room and placed all my stuff on the bed.

All that is left to do now, is keep a low profile until all the boys have forgotten about me, and when I have forgotten Louis, I will be simply happier.


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