My Vampire Brother

I'm Nikkei Cecelia Horan, and my family and I are vampires.
At the age of 18 we get to choose if we want to leave the family nest, or to stay. So when Niall turned the age of 18, he left. But he promised me one thing.
' I will come and see you when you turn 18, its either you come with me, or you leave our loved ones.'
I had a choice to make, to leave or to stay.
Please read 'My Vampire Brother'


15. Chapter Fourteen

Madi's P.O.V

When I first heard that I was being adopted, I couldn't believe it. Was it a joke? Were they going to hurt me, like my father did?

All those thoughts were running through my head, I may be 15 years old, but I've never had the privilege of having a childhood. I just hope I can get a new childhood with my new 'family'.


I snapped my head up in the direction Miss Thompson was talking from.

"Yes, miss?"

She smiled and walked over to me.

"Someone wants to adopt you and Harper. They want to meet you both, now."

I nodded and sighed.

"What's wrong, honey?"

I shook my head, fighting the tears.

"What if they don't like me?"

Miss Thompson pulled me into a hug and I felt her embrace around me grow tighter.

"They will love you, Madi. You just have to get to know them. They both sound like nice girls."

I shot my head up

"Both, girls?"

Miss Thompson just nodded.

"is there more?"

She simply nodded again.

"They live with friends and some family members."

I simply nodded, again.

"Have they had criminal checks and all?"

I stood up, glancing at Miss Thompson

"Yes, they're clear. I wouldn't let someone adopt any of you children if they were criminals or bad."

I smiled and hugged her.

She hugged me back and sighed.

"It's not going to be the same without you, Madi. Were all going to miss you and Harper."

I nodded and pulled away from the embrace.

"Anyways, meet me down the stairs, your carers are down there, waiting to meet you."

I smiled and skipped my way down the stairs where Miss Thompson told me to wait.

I know most people think that 15 year olds should be acting more maturer and all, but where is the fun in that?

I was leaning against the brown doors, when I heard quiet chattering coming from inside there.

"So, why did you chose Madi again, Nikkei?"

I heard a feminine voice ask.

"Well, I read her file and realised she hasn't had a real life, and her past is horrible. I want to make her feel welcomed and loved. Plus she seems to have a similar personality to Harry."

I smiled and gushed.

I instantly felt loved. I was about to open the door and run out to whoever was out there, but I had to keep my cool, and wait for Harper.

I noticed Miss Thompson walking towards the door with Harper, I smiled and ran up to Harper, giving him a hug.

I waited until Miss unlocked the door, when she did, she went out first and we both followed.

When I looked up from my feet, I was met with two pairs of eyes on us.

I instantly knew who they were.

Niall Horan's sister and bestfriend.

Okay Madi, keep your cool. Don't fan girl.

Fuck it, wholey shit they're adopting me? Omg, im not that important or special. I kept the grin behind my small smile and greeted them.

Gosh they're so pretty.

I wonder which one, I get to call Mum.

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