My Vampire Brother

I'm Nikkei Cecelia Horan, and my family and I are vampires.
At the age of 18 we get to choose if we want to leave the family nest, or to stay. So when Niall turned the age of 18, he left. But he promised me one thing.
' I will come and see you when you turn 18, its either you come with me, or you leave our loved ones.'
I had a choice to make, to leave or to stay.
Please read 'My Vampire Brother'


5. Chapter Four

Nikkei's P.O.V

He told people that were vampires

I wanted to yell and scream at him, but why should I? I told Minnie about us, and he did the same thing.

I dropped my gaze from Liam and Minnie and wooshed over to the door.

I heard faint walking, then a sudden rush of wind, before they approached the door. Not even a knock and I could sense someone was there.

"Someone is here"

I watched as Liam smelt the air and nodded.

"Its no one we don't know."

I picked up the scent and let my fangs come out.

"Its Niall." I spat

I waited for him to knock on the door, but he didn't.

"Should we open the door, or just leave it?"

I looked over at Liam waiting for a reply.

I was cut off short when I heard a window open in the guest bedroom.

"The window in Minnie's room, someone is coming in from there."

I felt Liam tense and grab Minnie, putting her on his back.


I wooshed up to the guest bedroom with Liam on my tail.

I approached the door and waited for it to open.

I got inpatient wanting to open it, I had my hand on the door knob, when I heard 4 voices coming from inside.

"Four voices?" I whispered.

Liam looked at me and shrugged.

I smelt the air again, my mind racking the air, trying to pick up a familiar scent. Only one scent hit my senses.


"Niall's in there. That must mean the other boys are in there too."

I nodded at Liam's statement and groaned.

I twisted the door knob and wooshed into the room, where I was met with four pairs of eyes.

I was joined by Liam shortly.

"What are you guys doing in here? There is a thing called the front door." I spat.

I scanned the room and sniffed the air.

Geesh they stink.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of laughter.

I looked over at where the laughter was coming from and I noticed Louis laughing

I shot him a look and he still laughed.

"What's so funny, stripes?"

He laughed even harder

"I cant believe you think we stink" He said in between chuckles.

"Wait, how did you, I didn't say that"

I heard the boys chuckle and they all looked between us.

"I can read your mind love, it's not private anymore."


"I heard that too."

I groaned and looked over at Minnie, and she was giggling along with the boys.

"Not you too."

She just giggled even more.

I snapped my head in the direction I thought the sound was coming from

She's Niall's brother, wow she's fit. What would Niall do if I banged her.

I looked over at Harry and glared at him.

"I heard that, Curly."

He looked at me with a smirk.

"That would never happen, so get that filth out of your head. Or I might tell Niall."

I noticed Niall tensed and came and stood next to me.

I stepped back a few steps and looked at him


I sighed and locked my eyes with him.

"Yes, Niall?"

He smiled and continued.

"I know, I may not have been a great brother recently, but I've really missed you Nikkei. Remember I said I would be here for that special day, and here I am. I'm not leaving until you want me gone. I love you sis."

I smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks, I've missed you too. I'm still pissed off that you didn't get a chance to talk to me, but your here, so yea."

I pulled away from the hug and sighed.

He looked over at me worried, and so did the others.

"Whats wrong Nik?"

I glanced up at Louis, and looked over at the clock.

"You have an hour to be at your venue."

They all looked panicked.

"Shit, Paul is going to kill us. We better get going. We'll take you with us if you'd like girls?"

I glanced up at Minnie and saw she was smiling madly.

"Yea okay."

I wooshed down the stairs and grabbed my bag.

I was met with the others and we all piled into the Tour Bus.

I'll admit this, its amazing.

After about half an hour of driving we got to the venue.

The bus came to a stop and I could hear a lo of screaming.

"Do you guys always get this?"

They all nodded and chuckled.

"You ready girls?"

We nodded, Liam grabbed Minnie's hand

Whilst Louis grabbed my hand

I looked up at him in confusion.

"Don't want to see you trampled, love"

I smiled and gently clinged onto Louis, trying not to let my strength hurt him.

"Let's go."


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