My Vampire Brother

I'm Nikkei Cecelia Horan, and my family and I are vampires.
At the age of 18 we get to choose if we want to leave the family nest, or to stay. So when Niall turned the age of 18, he left. But he promised me one thing.
' I will come and see you when you turn 18, its either you come with me, or you leave our loved ones.'
I had a choice to make, to leave or to stay.
Please read 'My Vampire Brother'


6. Chapter Five

Nikkei's P.O.V

We were all finally past all the screaming fans, if I wasn't a vampire, I would have lost my hearing

I wonder how Minnie went.

With that being thought I snapped my head in the direction the entrance doors were and looked over, watching the security guards hold back the crazed fans.

I groaned and searched for Minnie, before I could ask where she was Louis beat me to it.

"She's in Liam's dressing room."

I shot a look at him and we both tried not to laugh.

I let go of his hand and walked over to Niall.

"What do we do now?"

Niall looked over at the lady running around with the headset and spoke to her, there were a few motions with the hands from both of them. They both stopped talking, Niall nodded his head once and she walked off.

He wooshed over to us and explained everything.

"Well the concert starts in about an hour and a half, we have to go get our hair and make up done, then head to our stylist. Also here are your and Minnie's passes."

He rambled on before passing me the two passes.

"Now that being said, Nikkei will be with me most the night, and Harry your first to go get your hair and make up done."

Harry nodded, before Louis butted in.

"Why cant Nikkei be with me most of the night?"

I felt my cheeks flush red and a small smile returning to my face.

I could sense Niall tensing and then relaxing. Using my power I searched his mind.

Because I don't want anyone hitting on my younger sister, I don't want to have to deal with the awkwardness between two people if they break up. plus you would hurt her, and she isn't ready for a relationship.

I sighed and turned towards Niall.


He looked down at me and smiled.

"Yes, Nik"

"I wanna spend the night with Louis, is that okay?"

I asked whilst standing next to Louis, and smiling.

He ran his left hand through his hair and chuffed.

"Fine, any business and I will forbid you to see him. I know you both like each other, so don't fuck it up for yourselves."

I smacked Niall on the arm, which earnt me a confused look.

"What was that for?"

I face palmed myself then looked back up at Niall.

"You don't tell people their feelings for others, in front of both of them. Geeeez"

He was about to reply, but I cut him off by wooshing away.

I made my way into  Louis' dressing room and was about to sit down when a security guard came in and ushered me out.

"Look, listen. I'm with Niall and Louis."

He chuckled heavily and tossed me out the door.

"Nice try love, go out to all the other fans out there."

He growled before ripping off my pass and carrying me to the main door.

He was about to dump me outside when a voice yelled at him

"What are you doing with her?"

He turned around and looked at a mad Louis.

"I was taking her outside, sir. She was in your room."

Louis ran upto us and pulled me out of his arms, and left me in his.

"I told her she can go up there."

He snatched the pass back off the security 'guard and handed it back to me.

"Here, love."

I thanked him, then walked backstage to where Niall was


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