My Vampire Brother

I'm Nikkei Cecelia Horan, and my family and I are vampires.
At the age of 18 we get to choose if we want to leave the family nest, or to stay. So when Niall turned the age of 18, he left. But he promised me one thing.
' I will come and see you when you turn 18, its either you come with me, or you leave our loved ones.'
I had a choice to make, to leave or to stay.
Please read 'My Vampire Brother'


9. Chapter Eight

Nikkei's P.O.V

It's been about 2 days, and I have not once been interrupted by any of the boys. Only the sound of new people staying in three doors down.

I was about to leave my room and go down to the lobby, when I heard a strained voice.

"I don't know where she is lad, she's not with dad, nor is she staying with Minnie."

I gasped.


I read that person's mind, but kept mine blocked.

No way, he didn't.

He changed her, to be like me.

I banged on the kitchen counter, earning a big chunk off tile to fall off and land on the ground.

"What was that noise? Should we go see if that guest is okay, in that room?"

No No No, please don't.

"Yeah, alright. Maybe they might be hurt."

I sucked in a breath and thought, what to do.

I was about to jump out the window, when I heard a faint knock on the door.


"hello, is anyone home?"

I sucked a deeper breath and used a male voice.

"Uh yea, I'm okay. Thanks anyways"

I used my mothers gift, that I've never used before and shifted into the looks of a male.

"Could you please open the door, sir?"

I walked over to the door and unlocked it.

It screeched open and was locked into those dreamy turquoise eyes, damn it Louis.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." I said, in a deep voice.

They all nodded, I was about to shut the door, when Harry's foot stopped it.

"You have a very familiar voice to someone we know, we're just wondering if you know a girl called Nikkei Horan, she parked her friends car out the front and were trying to help and find her."

I huffed and looked away. I noticed my arm behind the door was changing back to how I originally looked.

I looked back up at the boys and nodded.

"Nope, I haven't heard or seen of her. Sorry, goodbye."

I kicked Harry's foot out the door and locked it, locking the deadbolt.

Once I knew I was safe, I changed back into my original form.

I was about to step away from the door when I heard a faint knock and a voice boom through the thin door.

"We know its you Nikkei. Please come out, so we can talk. That fake disguise was pointless on you."

I mentally slapped myself and groaned

"Im not talking to any of you's. One of you's keeps hitting on me, one keeps flirting with me-then I fucking find out that they're already in a relationship, one of you is my brother- who I only want to talk to, and the other one changed my best friend into a blood sucking vampire, like us! I'm not in the mood to be dealing with this bullshit. I need to hunt, and your making it hard for me to, being there and stalking me."

"We didn't change Minnie! What made you think that?"

I could tell he was covering his own lie.


"Don't bullshit me, Payne. I know when you changed her and I have my ways of knowing"

"stop being so stubborn, Nik!"

I screamed in frustration and unbolted the door, swinging it open.

"Louis! This is your fault! You all wouldn't be in this mess if you had told the truth." I hissed, pinning him against the wall, my fangs coming out.

"I'm sorry, Nik! I thought me and El were over, but I thought wrong. I still really like you."

I pushed him harder into the wall.

"I don't accept apologies from players."

I was about to drop him, when I pushed against him tighter.

" I freaking liked you so much, Louis and to know this is how you repay me, sucks. I'm sick of being toyed with."

I softened my tone and dropped him.

I let my fangs close back up, and darted back into my room. Grabbed everything and darted down to the receptionist to sign myself out.

I placed the money on top of the check and the key and darted to Louis' car I stole from him, I hopped in and locked it. All that was running through my head was the thought of hunting, I need to hunt.



I sped off down the highway, until I reached a small like that was crawling with animals, I smirked and let my senses take over, hunting time. 


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