You wonder what B.A.D means??? 3 Girls meet each other at the first day of school and it all goes wrong. They create a girl band called B.A.D and youll find out what they want it to mean later in the story.
Note: Misspelled words, I'll make a fan email to make more stories and get request, and these songs are made up by me or from a musical artist it will say made by author or the musical artist name. also i will be changing the lyrics to songs proffesional musical artist songs. like Fergie, Shawn mendes and ect.


2. Ughh School Tomorrow

Bella's P.O.V:

"are you okay honey?" Ms.Vega (Bella's Mother) asked me in a worried tone. "yes mom im fine are you ok. is there a reason your asking me if im okay???" I told her annoyed it was the 10th time she said the 3 same exact words "Are You Okay" which is like 10 letters that i didnt wanna hear form into the three words "Are You Okay". "Yes bella honey i wanna make sure your okay. And that if there is somthing wrong with you or if something happenning to you i will be here to talk to you" She says unlocking the front door walking to the kitchen counter to put her Starbucks Coffee Cup down. "yeah i know mother i know." "Well honey" My mother said and i pulled out my Iphone 6 and checked the time. It was 10:50pm. "What time is it?" Ms.Vega asks. "its 10:50pm" "Okay goodnight bella bell i love you sweet dreams" I hear my mother ask with her voice trailing off the farther she walked away to her bedroom to go to bed. "Ughh" i so tired like Oh My God i been up since 4 in the morning doing nothing beacause i felt awkward talking to my friend Kelsy's dog Rockette while shes away in Europe, Denmark for another week but yeah. i run up the stairs and run to my room and take my hoodie off and take a shower.

                *AFTER SHOWER*

i change into my pj's and laydown text my ex-luke hemmings good night ;).

Allys P.O.V

"GOD WILL YOU SHUT UP!" I yell at my best friend on the phone hearing Kelly blabber about "Jacob Haines".... Thats my ex hes a total douche... "Umm Kell...." the line was silent for a couple seconds. 'I think i hurt her feelings...' i thought to my self "Oh yeah i was getting some chips." oh thank god shes okay! "Well Kells i have to go the bed is screaming for myself and my pajamas to lay down on it." "Okay well see you at school tomorrow!!"Kelly Screamed through the phone. I hang up the phone and lay down and slowly drift asleep in the dark.

( A/N: as you can see darla isnt in this chapter. she comes in next chapter.)

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