You wonder what B.A.D means??? 3 Girls meet each other at the first day of school and it all goes wrong. They create a girl band called B.A.D and youll find out what they want it to mean later in the story.
Note: Misspelled words, I'll make a fan email to make more stories and get request, and these songs are made up by me or from a musical artist it will say made by author or the musical artist name. also i will be changing the lyrics to songs proffesional musical artist songs. like Fergie, Shawn mendes and ect.


1. Meet the B.A.D girls and the family

hey you wanna meet the Girls Of B.A.D and their friends if you look closely at the first letter of each of Bella Ally and darla's middle name their middle name you'll get ARE and in their last name you get VIP.

Bella "isabella" amber vega 

Age:17 on to 18 soon it'll be the birthday chapter part 1

Parents: Emerald Vega "single mom"

Hobbies: Dancing,going out during the day to shop and stuff an also night for partys and Talking,Music,Cooking,boys anything that includes those 5 things.

Favorite foods: Pizza, Macaroni and cheese and everything else

Fave colors: Pink,Purple,Blue,White,Green,Orange and more

Ally "allyson" rose intell

Age: 17 her birthday will be Birthday Chapter Part 2

Parents: Jennifer Marieti-Intell And Jag Intell "marieti is jennifers birth last name"

Hobbies: Music, Talking, Dancing, Cooking And Being loud when people really know her but quiet if they are still fully strangers to her, boys alittle and willing to try new things.

Favorite foods: Spaghetti, Eggs,Bacon,Sandwiches and soup and everything else

Fave colors: white,orange,blue,pink,green,yellow and more

Darla "darlyeena" ellyna ispenosa 

Age: 18 her birthday will come for Birthday Chapter Part 3

Parents: Latrice Dash-Verga George verga "Dash was Latrice's birth last name"

Hobbies: Boys,Music,Shopping,Nails, her phone and just everything 

Fave food: ANYTHING!!

Fave colors: Any color as long its not any dark nasty green

Good you've met the girls now lets begin the story.

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