The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


2. What Was so Different?

     "Why does Tyler have that love-like expression in his eyes?" I asked Ben. "It's like he's staring through everyone to see a special girl." WE both stared at him with blank expressions. "What are you guys doing?" Claire asked. "AH! What? Oh, hey Claire. What's Tyler doing? Who's he staring at?" I replied. "Yeah, Claire. I've never seen him like this." Ben said. "Tyler won't move at all!" We stared at him in the hall until the bell rang. "He's got commitment, and love of a certain someone. Am I right?" Max said. "Where'd you come from Max?" I asked. "I've been here the whole time! Haven't you seen me?" Max added. "Huh." I said.


     After the first four classes and lunch started, Tyler was still staring off at someone. I looked in his direction and saw Lauryn Thomaus. "OH! Tyler, so that's who you've been staring at?" I said. "What? AH! No! Pssh!" Tyler exclaimed. "Ok, I give up. It's Lauryn. What? She's gotten better-looking" "You mean she's gotten even hotter than last year? Hmm... Tyler?" Ben said. "Hey, shut up! At least I've found someone I like." Tyler said. "Heh, sorry. I should respect your choice. After all, you're part of us!" Ben said.

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