The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


9. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Claire's PoV


What has this world come to! We're all going crazy! Madi and Tanner have started dating and everything is weird! Why!!! Why us? Why now? Why am I asking questions that you won't answer? 

Is something wrong? You haven't texted me in forever!-Tanner

No, everything is just peachy-Claire

Oh good. I thought you were mad at me-Tanner



You & Madi!-Claire

What do you mean?-Tanner
You're dating one of my best friends! Do you think I'm okay? You and Madi aren't compadable. I'd know, I've watched you guys. She hates you and all that you do. She's going to dump you... and soon... -Claire

No! We're soul-mates!-Tanner


Madi H. has signed on

Hey guys!-Madi

Hey Madz-Claire

What are you guys talking about?-Madi


Oh yeah, Tanner. I hate you. We're no longer dating. Goodbye! FOREVER!!!-Madi

Madi H. has signed off

Told ya-Claire



I showed Talia the texts, "Why is he so dramatic?" I asked. "I have no idea." Just then Tanner ran by crying. "I'll be right back," I said to Talia running after Tanner. 
"What do you want?" "I told you, you and Madi weren't compatible. Like math. But not. Like... You're a 25 and Madi's a 4, in division. I've always been bad at math. So I don't really know!" "Go away!" "No." "Why?" "Beacause. I'm not leaving..." "Fine. I knew Madi wasn't compatible. I just wanted to see what'd she'd do. I thought we were perfect for each other. But, we weren't." "I know how you feel..." "No you don't! Oh- yeah you do..." "Yeah. Come on. The others will be wondering what we're doing." "Yeah, I guess you're right. One more thing... How did you know?" Tanner asked. I winked and said, "I have my ways." 

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