The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


3. Tyler & Lauryn? What?

     We all couldn't believe they actually pulled it off for three months! I mean, seriously! Who could do that? It's hard enough to act like your not dating someone when you are, but for three months? I don't think that's possible.

Claire's POV

As we started 8th grade we were all almost 14. The weird dating thing started in 5th grade. It really got off the ground in 6th. Anyway, back to the story!

When Tyler finally told us Ben fainted, Tanner and Max stared at him like he was crazy, Dillon actually ran off screaming, and I muttered to myself "Knew it!". "You did! Then why didn't you tell us?" Tanner asked. Because I needed to know if it was true. Also, Lauryn told me" I said bluntly.

Tanner's POV

She knew and didn't tell us. I'm so mad at her! No I'm not. "Hey guys!" Lauryn came bouncing over to us. "Did you tell them TyTy?" She asked. He nodded his head. "Three months", Ben gaped getting up. "Oh, your alive", Claire said disappointed. They joke around like that all the time.

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