The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


4. The Other New Guy

That year we got a new guy in our school. He had the same classes as we did and his name is Jeffrey Martin. He fit in like how our fate fell last year. Perfectly, we "adopted" him into our group. We tried introducing him to the girls but they were in a War between each other. Claire says it's not a good thing if your around them when their in Battle Mode. I'll just go with what she says. He hasn't met the girls yet. Or at least formally. To bad he didn't join the year before. He would've been perfect for the group. Some people say he's a Geek. He really isn't.


We almost got a breakthrough to meeting the girls with Lauryn, but it never happened. We could never find a time or place to get Jeffrey to be announced to the girls' group. We hung out for a few days, but we had to go different ways, all of us. It was Christmas Break! We all loved that time, but we had no way to contact each other, and we caught up on a lot when school came back.


























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