The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


6. Life Can Fix Itself?!

A.N.( If you guys enjoy this story, and you'd like something dramatic happen, give me some feedback about anything you'd like to happen. Note, this is mostly real life stuff make sure it can actually happen at an 8th grade level)


Tanner's POV


"Hey, you coming to the Cellar tonight? -Tanner" I texted to my friends. It was Friday so the Cellar was open to all kids from 6th-8th grade. "Yeah. -Max" "Yeah totally. -CJ" "Umm, what's the Cellar? -Madi" I was shocked. She didn't know what the Cellar was?! "The Cellar is where everyone gets together to hang out and have fun. -Tanner" "Oh! I'll totally be there. -Madi" Once it became 7, we all met together in the door way. Lauryn and Carly were there too. "Ugh, Lauryn's here" I whispered to Max. "Hey dude!" Landon said. Landon McMarcson, my cousin. "What are you doing in Aurora?" I asked. "I'm just here to visit my cuz!" He replied. Lauryn turned, saw him, and instantly fell in love. I know, I'll keep it PG.


It was its usual Cellar night except for all of the friends were there. Once it was over, everyone said they had a good time and left into the night. We all stayed up past midnight texting each other. The few school days we had next were very, um, interesting.

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