The Return of the Five: Book 2

Book 2 to the book How the Five Came to Be


1. The Return of the Five

    Ah, it was that time of year again, summer time! There was only one problem, we all had to split up! We all still were able to text each other, but it still wasn't the same. We all wanted to meet up somewhere, but we just c8ouldn't find a place to meet up. Then, the new guy showed up. His name was Dillon Weardu and he was probably one of most inappropriate teens I've ever seen. I'm not even going to say what he was like it was like.


     It was always pretty fun to hang around Dillon, until we all got older. That summer changed all five of us a lot, including Dillon. When we all came back to school we all were really happy to see each other all at the same time again. We all got into the same classes again, it was almost fate we all came together last year and became friends.


     This year was different to us, though. Every guy found a girl and every girl found a guy, then there was us five. Of course, Claire being the only girl in the group, well, this par was already told. Bri & Ben, Me/Max & Claire, but this year Tyler was a different story. He actually found a girl he liked.

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