the love

She had the makeover, but now she's in love.


13. twelve



I looked around my apartment and it felt a little empty. I walked into my room, but I still felt empty. It's been a couple months now and Harry has been on the X Factor all the way through it, but he was dating someone named Caroline Flack. 

He didn't even break up with me, he just dated her. I guess he forgot about me. I looked down at my massive homework schedule that I had to do.

I sighed and looked out and saw a couple walk by, giggling. I wanted to cry. He forgot about me. Of course he would. He's now almost famous. He and the other boys joined together. I shouldn't even be paying attention to them anymore. He forgot about me, so I should forget about him.

I looked at my phone and Eric texted me saying that he's free and that we should hang out. He brought Josie with him.

I smiled and texted him an address to meet at. 

I went to the coffee shop that I texted to Eric and he was already there. I smiled and hugged them when I got there and said, "So, how's everything?" "Good. Your TV Show is a big hit." "Yeah, I'm surprised that I'm not being--" "Tackled by fans." "My words precisely."  

We laughed and said, "So, catch me up on what's happening at your side of college?" "Nothing new, just more work." 

I smiled and said, "Well, you want to go to the library and--" "OMG Ariana!"

Eric and Josie looked at me weird and I mouthed, "I'll explain later." I turned toward the fan and said, "Hi, nice to meet you." 

I hugged her and she squeezed me tightly. I got used to this from the fans, and now just let them squeeze me." "I'm so happy that I finally got to meet you. You know I have--" "I really need to get going back to the studio." "Oh, that's totally fine! Please just take a picture with me and sign this and I'll be well on my way."

She smiled in a big way and I smiled back and said, "Ok."

After the fan left, I eyed over toward Eric and Josie and said, "Come on, we really need to go." They didn't hesitate for a second. 

When we got to my apartment, they were surprised at all the boxes and Eric said, "What's all the boxes for?" "I'm buying a house with my brother." "You're what?" "Buying a--" "I heard what you said Spence. Anyways, why did the girl call you Ariana?" "Stage name."

They nodded and said, "So, let me guess is it Ariana--" "I changed my whole name. It's now Ariana Grande." They looked at me and I continued, "My brother and parents changed their names too. It's all just for the stage though." 

They were all silent and staring at me. I gulped and said, "My brother turned his name to Frankie Grande." 

Eric cracked up and said, "Great. Now I have a reason to laugh my ass off and make fun of him." I glared at him and said, "He's my brother. That's the name he wanted, that's the name he got. It was his decision. Deal with it."

"Oh, yeah. I'll deal with it alright." I glared at him and said, "Anyways. I'll always be a Calder to both of you. Oh, and my sister wants to keep her name because she thinks she can become famous on her own." "Yeah, I saw her do a photo shoot with Hollister! She's so lucky."

I smiled and said, "Well, I'll--" "How are you and Harry doing?" 

I looked at Eric dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. "Umm, well--" "He's dating that Caroline chick. She's way too old for--" "It's fine. Love is love and if that's who he loves then that's fine with me." "Then why are you still wearing the promise ring that he gave you?" 

I looked down and it was still there. "Long story." "I've got all day for this."

I glared up at him and he didn’t move an inch. I rolled my eyes and said, “I’ll tell you later.” Josie looked at me and said, “Spence, we don’t want there to be a secret between us. Just tell us.”

Josie’s phone started to ring and we all looked at her. I turned around toward the window and looked out to see the streets New Jersey.

Josie left the room after saying goodbye and Eric went beside me and said, “You can’t keep the secret for long. I know about you and secrets. It’ll get out soon.” I looked at him and said, “It’s not as easy as you think it is to just say what you’re asking me to tell you.”

I looked at him and he didn’t looked away. I turned toward him and said, “Please, just leave me alone.” “I know that he’s dating Caroline and I hope that he at least talked to you about it. Did he?” I shook me head.

He looked at me and said, “This isn’t alright. There needs to be a way to solve this.” “There isn’t. He’s in a new relationship, and if I try anything, the press will be all over me. Eric, I have some fame too. It’s not like I’m a nobody. I have a reputation to uphold.”

He looked at me and didn’t move an inch. I looked back out into the streets and said, “There isn’t one thing that I would want to keep from you two, but this one needs to be kept secret. I hope you understand.”

I looked away and looked up at him. He didn’t look back. He just turned and went out the door. I sighed and looked out to see Josie going into a cab and driving off.

I turned to see an empty room and a mirror in the corner staring back at me. I looked into it and a red headed girl stared back. I had to dye my hair red because of the director not wanting only brunettes in the set.

I looked around to see that there were some papers that I had to do and lines to memorize. I didn’t like the stack. I looked out the window and Eric was just standing on the street. I didn’t know what he was doing; he was just standing there.

I looked away and someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and it was Elizabeth. I let her come in while she hugged me with delight. “I just saw your friends go out side. It’s nice to have some of you old time friends.” I smiled back at her. I didn’t want her here right now.


I looked out the window of the cab while I was driving to the studio. We needed to record a song that the cast of the TV show was putting out as a single. Victoria was yearning to start a music career, but for now she chose to just stay with the acting part.

I looked down at my phone and it buzzed. I unlocked it and saw that the text was from Eric. “Wanna get a cup of coffee after you’re done in the studio?” I smiled and texted him the time that I was getting off and a yes.

I looked out again and the studio was coming into sight. I smiled for the cameras that were there, and walked out.

I got in and everyone was happy to see me. We started to practice, and everyone was yearning to finish. I looked around and everyone by the end of the recording wanted to go home.

My manager let me go early when I was done with my part and I texted Eric about it. I looked out the of the coffee window shop, and about ten minutes later he was there.

He got his order and sat across from me and I asked, “Do you have—“ “A job? Yeah.” “Where do you work at?” “I’m a manager at a local business place down the street.” I smiled and said, “What kind of business do you do?” “You remember Evermans back at home?” “That organic shop, that’s really expensive, but everyone still buys things from there?” He chuckled and said, “Yeah, that one.” “Mhmm.”

I took a sip of coffee and said, “So, did you want to talk to me about anything?” “Yeah, the ring.” I sighed and said, “Eric—“ “I want to know why you still have it on. He’s with another girl. He’s not going to—“ “He promised.”

Eric looked up and said, “What are—“ “He promised that he will never forget me, and I believe him.” “Guys say things like that to just make a girl feel better.” “I know that he really meant it though.” “You don’t know that. I’m a guy. I know that.”

I sighed and said, “Not completely, just forget about it.” “I won’t. I still have feelings for you Spence.” “I know.” “Then—“ “Just stop. You’re not making this any easier for me to—“ “Move on? Yeah, good luck because right now you’re taking a long time. It’s been months since they were officially dating and you’re still wanting to be with him.” “Eric.” “Spencer.”

He was looking at me sternly and didn’t look away. “Your coffee is getting cold.” “And so is your heart.” I looked at him and opened my mouth. I didn’t know what to say to that.

I got up and walked away. I didn’t look back, but as soon as I got out someone grabbed me by the wrist. I didn’t panic because I knew who it was.

I turned and his face was filled with worry. “Please don’t run away like that. I really care about you and I want you to know that I’m—“ “Eric, not in public.” He sighed, knowing that a camera can snap us, and everything can change.

We got into the cab and drove to my apartment. When we got there, he rested on the couch and said, “Please just consider that he’s over you, and move on. I don’t care if I’m just an experiment. I just want you to be happy.” “Ok, now you’re making up excuses to get me to be with you.” “I just don’t think this is right though.” “What? What’s not right?’

He put his hand through his hair and said, “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Harry has a girlfriend. He clearly moved on and forgot about you.” “He promised he wouldn’t forget me. I believe in that.”

He looked hurt and said, “Call me if you are heartbroken when you finally understand what’s actually going on around you.”

I looked away from him as he walked, but then he stopped in his tracks. “Spence?” I didn’t reply. I walked away and up the stairs to my room. I closed the door, and didn’t even both going down and saying goodbye to him.

Harry promised that he wouldn’t forget me. I knew he wouldn’t break a promise.


The next day I went to a store and Harry’s group’s album was out. The group was called One Direction and their album was Up all Night. I smiled feeling happy for his success on the X Factor. Yeah, they lost it, but they won the world.

A girl snatched it and then looked at me and realized who I was. “Ariana Grande?”

I smiled and she tackled me with a hug. I signaled the security to not worry and just let her go. She finished hugging me and started to blabber about how much she was a big fan of me. I smiled and nodded throughout the whole time. Not listening to a single word she said.

After she was gone, I looked around and saw a familiar face. I looked closer and it was Harry. Harry Styles. In a store looking at CD’s.

I turned back around and the next thing I knew he was right next to me with a magazine, and the front cover was him and Caroline with a slash through it. I looked away and said, “What do you want me to say?’ “I want you to know that I still remember you.” “Oh, after that stunt you pulled with Caroline, you think that I’m going to fall for that I won’t forget you thing?”

He sighed and said, “I know you won’t believe me, but I want you to know that I still remember you.” I looked at him and said, “I moved on.” “You’re seeing someone?” “No, but I’m liking the single life, but I think we need to see other people to see if there are other people that are actually meant for us.”

I didn’t look at him, but I knew that he had a hurt face. I looked down at the CD and picked up my TV show’s album and tossed it at him and said, “You know, I can be just like you. You know say something that I don’t really mean and make a person suffer on holding onto it.”

I finally looked up at him and he looked like he was at the merge of crying. I looked away and he said, “Hey.” He cracked his voice and I knew that he was crying. “At least listen to ‘More Than This’. For me.”

I turned and he tossed me the CD. I looked at him and turned and went to the clerk and bought it. I went out the door and didn’t look back, but I knew that he was a brokenhearted person.

The press was all over me, asking me random questions. I looked back a security caught on and started to spread out a path for me. I got into a cab and drove to the studio.


I looked around my room and I was finally on my break. We finished the second season and I barely even talked to anyone but the cast from the TV show. Yeah, I do seldom meet ups with Josie and Eric, but I barely have time because of my tour for the Nickelodeon Company.

I looked and that there was a care package that my brother left me when he left to go to do something with his career. We lived together for two years now and nothing’s gone wrong, and it’s almost three years.

My mom and dad seldom help, but I barely see my sister. She was back with Louis and they’re really cute together. They seem to actually really like each other.

I looked at my phone and Elizabeth texted me if she wanted to hang out. I declined saying that I want a day to myself, and that I’ll meet her for the red carpet tonight.

I went toward the door of my house and started to sort of miss my small space of my apartment. It was simple, but now this house made my feel so small and lonely.

There was a ring from the door and I went over to open up to Josie and Eric. “Happy Birthday!” I forgot that today was my birthday.

Eric smiled and said, “I got three tickets and I have news I changed my name to a stage name.” “Yeah it seems like I’m the only on that’s keeping their name.”

We all laughed at Josie.

“What is it Eric?” “You’ll never guess. He’s also in a band.” My eyes were wide open. “Tell me the name.” “Nathan. Nathan Sykes.” I nodded and agreed. “Nice name. Nathan.”

He smiled and said, “It sounds awkward coming from your mouth.” I smiled and said, “Come one in, and where are the three tickets to?” “Disney.”

I looked surprised at him and said, “Cool. For my birthday?” “Yeah.”

While I was packing up, I let them wait downstairs. When I was ready, they were all playing with my dog. I smiled and said, “Ready.”

We got into the plane and rested. There weren’t that many people that wanted to scream into my face or Eric’s. I looked at him and smiled saying, “Thanks for the present.” “No problem. What are friends for?”

He looked down and saw the ring. He looked up and nodded toward the ring and said, “You still have the ring.” I sighed and said, “Let’s not ruin this vacation by something stupid.”

He gave me a worried smile and said, “Fine, but we’re talking about it soon. I mean now, he’s dating this country girl.” “Yeah, and they’re cute.” “This isn’t working. You need to get rid of that ring.”

I looked down and took it off. There was a mark from the ring and I slid it into his hands. He put it in his pocket and sighed saying, “Now, isn’t that better.”

I just smiled, but I was actually feeling like all the weights on my shoulders were lifted. I had no weight on it. I looked around and saw that there were many things that I wanted to do at Disney, and just focused on that.

I looked at Eric and smiled and said, “Thanks again.” “No problem. I thought that you would like the trip, and—“ “Not the trip.”

He looked at me and smiled and put his hand on mine and said, “No problem.”

He was about to lift his hand, but I put my other one on top and he smirked and kissed my forehead. He took in a shaky breath and said, “I didn’t mean—“ “It’s fine. It eased me.” He smiled and grabbed onto my hand tighter and then just held it like it was glass.

He always treated me like I was glass. It bothered me, but now I needed it. Cause I was glass.

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