the love

She had the makeover, but now she's in love.


7. six



"Spencer Calder, get your ass over here now!" "Fuck."

I didn't do anythings wrong, but I knew that I was going to be a witness, jury, or judge on what they were arguing about. This wasn't the first time she and her boyfriend had a fight and she called me over.

"Spencer, you know me and you know that I don't like cheaters." "Fucking shit. Eleanor! I would never cheat on you!" "Then why did I see Kate kissing all up on your neck? Explain that to me." I cleared my throat and everyone turned toward me. It was totally awkward, but I got their attention.

"Spencer, please chose your words wisely. I live with you." "Kate's a slut. She raped Harry."

Louis eyes were wide open. Him and Harry were close, and they had so many bromance moments. "Wait he was raped?" "Yeah, Kate does it to every single one of my boyfriends." 

Louis almost choked when I said that. "It's true. She did it to River too." "Who's River." 

My sister groaned and said, "That's her first love." "Shut up Eleanor." Louis was even more wide eyes and held his hands up and said, "Wait, you're telling me that Harry wasn't the first person that you loved."

I nodded and looked at my sister. She rolled her eyes and said, "This isn't the point Kate raped Harry. Do you want me to repeat it again now or do you get the main topic here?" Louis glared at her and said, "I get the point, I just don't get why you're so upset about it."

We both looked at him and said, "Is there something you need to tell us?" 

He looked at both of us in shock and said, "No, there's nothing. Look, this could have been another time that Harry got drunk and just had plain sex with this girl. It wouldn't make a difference if we investigate. I know him and that could've been what just happened and he's trying to cover it up because he wants to be with Spencer."

It did make sense, but I didn't believe that story. "I need some fresh air."

I grabbed my penny board and rode it to Harry's place. When I got there, there was already another car parked in the driveway. I went to the door and there were whispers on the other side.

"You know that it's no good if you keep this a secret Harry. You have to tell her one way or another." "She won't like it. You know how she is about me being secretive. I have to tell her." "This competition can one ruin your high school life or two take your life to the next level." "I know that. You don't have to keep rubbing it in. I just need to tell her." "Fine, but if she suddenly gets distant don't go whining your ass off to me." "Deal." "Fine, it's a fucking deal. Why are we whispering?" "I don't know, but someone's at the door. I see a shadow." 

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I need to run. They can't catch me. I don't think that conversation was for my ears. 

I ran over to the nearest bush and luckily Harry didn't see me, but who was he talking to? It wasn't his sister because his sister doesn't sound like that and she doesn't cuss that much. Does she?

"Who's there?" Don't breath Spence, don't breath.

I waited about five minutes and so did Harry. He was smart. I didn't move for that period and my breathing was starting to become uneasy. I moved my eyes toward him and he was coming over to where I was.

"Harry I found something!" He turned and that's when I put my hoodie up and started to run. "Hey get back here!"

He started to chase me, but I had more speed because of the penny board. I kept racing down the street and he was still behind me. Why was I doing this? He would become suspicious to find out that I was running away from his house.

I started to slow down, but then I sped up again. I need to get away from him. He would get mad if he found out that I was eavesdropping on his secret conversation.

"Please stop and..." He was tired. I kept going down the street and turned a corner and then another one and u-turned back to my house.

I got into my house and almost ran into my sister on the way up the stairs. "Spencer! Why are you so sweaty?" "I was outside!" "It's like twenty five degrees outside!" "I was racing something." "Something?"

By then I already slammed my door shut and laid on my bed. Now I just needed for Harry to call me. 

I need to act like I don't know about the idea. I don't know about the competition, wait. He already told me about the competition. What more did he need to tell me?

There was a knock on my door and I turned my head too quick and cracked it. "Hey, you were running up the stairs and I didn't get to say hi even." "Hi."

My hand was on my neck and looked up at him. Eric.

"So, what's going on?" "What do you mean?" "You're sweating and it's like twenty-five degrees outside. What's up?" "Nothing. Just rode my penny board down and around the street. Is something wrong with that officer?" 

He chuckled and said, "Yes, and I need to file a paper work so please give me a full report on the incident." 

I smiled and said, "I over heard Harry's conversation over at his house." "Today?" I looked at him and he seemed a little uneasy. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. I just need to go. I have to do something, my phone just reminded me." "Wait, Eric were you there or something because he was talking with--" "I'll see you later."

What the... I'm pretty sure the person that Harry was talking to was a girl, but Eric did have... no he didn't his voice was pretty deep.

I looked over at the window and there were people moving in. I looked over and saw the worst person that could've been there. Kate.

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