the love

She had the makeover, but now she's in love.


8. seven



I went over to the front yard of Kate's new house and tapped on her shoulder and said, "Nice seeing you here."

She turned and gasped and said, "I didn't know you lived in the neighborhood! Glad I at least have you. Well, where do you live?" "I'm afraid to tell you. Why did you move here?"

"The old house wasn't that great and my mom was wanting a more convenient spot for the distance from the house and the rest of the city and this was the perfect one. I'm so glad she chose a house near you."

"Joy." I gave her a wry smile and said, "Now, I'm going to mourn about your coming."

Her smiled disappeared and she said, "Spence, I know we had our differences, but I've changed. Trust me on this." I crossed my arms and said, "I remembered that my mother taught me not to trust a person who says that."

I turned around and walked toward my house. I hated her so much and now she's moving in next door to me. I continued to walk to not let her know about the fact even though I know that she knew. 

I slammed the door shut and walked into the empty house. I sighed and went to the kitchen. I opened the cabinets and saw the nutella and then got bread and a butter knife with a plate.

I went up to my room and went my balcony, and I regretted it right as I stepped onto it. Kate was on hers which was across from mine. She smiled and waved. I got my things and went back in, slamming the balcony door on my way out. 

I closed the drapes and turned on the light. I sat on my couch and sighed. This day is just getting better and better isn't it? 

I looked around and saw that there was a note on my night stand. I read it and it said, "Hey Spence, I know that this isn't the best time, but I wanted to tell you that you might want to come to the hospital. - Josie and Darcy"

I got a jacket and my car keys and went out the door. 

I drove as fast as I could and almost got a ticket, but the officer was nice enough to let me pass but he had to follow me to the hospital. He said his apology and let me go.

I went up to the front door and Josie was standing there crying. I ran up to her and hugged her saying, "What happened? Tell me!"

She shook her head and ran out the door. I groaned and the front desk lady went up to me and said, "From the scene that I just saw, do you have any relations to Jake Markinson?" "Yes." "And Eric Standler?" 

A shiver went down my spine and said with my voice cracking, "Yes, why?" "Do you also know Harry Styles?" 

"Just shut the hell up and tell me why they are here bitch?" "Calm down, please follow me." "Yeah, just tell me what's happeni--" Darcy was crying and pushed me while she was running toward the door.

I looked back at the lady and she said, "I know you will probably be a better runner so here is the room number." She gave me a parchment and it said, "Room 808."

I ran down the hallways and when I got there, Eric's mom came out crying and could barely breath. 

I walked in and I wish I didn't. River was standing by the wall, and when he saw me, he stood up and went toward me and said, "I saw what happened and they were just--" "Did you do this?"

I didn't mean for it to let it come out as a scream, but it was just an instinct. "Sorry, I'm just in--" "Shock. I know."

He looked at what I guess was one of the boys. "Who--" "Harry." My breath was taken and I fell to my knees onto the floor and couldn't breath. 

River put his arm around me and tried to comfort me. It didn't help me at all. He leaned my head onto his shoulder and picked me up. The blood was not rushing into my brain as it was suppose to and the my breathing was not stable at all.

River started to run and a nurse came toward us and started to yell for a bed. I started to scream and grab my hair. I went into a full panic attack.


After I calmed down, I was given some boiled water to help me calm with a pill to help me even more. 

I couldn't look at anyone. Someone grabbed my leg. I wanted to slap it away knowing who it was, but I was too weak from the drugs. 

I started to shape circles onto the cup and looked ahead and saw Harry. I started to tear up and looked away. "What happened?" I looked at River and he was speechless.

"You fucking--" "Stop cussing. You're just angry." "Angry? I'm not the one that's angry." 

He looked at me and gave me a look. I sighed and said, "Just tell me what's happening." "Jake had an idea on taking me out and see if I changed or not and they wanted to give me a chance. We picked Harry up because he was important to the decision."

He nodded toward Harry and that made me look at him. "Sorry. Umm, you want to talk about this somewhere else?" "No, continue."

"Well, when we picked him up I was in the back and he started to yell about why I was in the car. So, we stopped at the nearest place to settle this which happened to be a park." He paused and choked on his last sentences.

"When we got out of the car, I accidentally forgot my phone in the car so I went back to get it. Some drunk teenagers drove by and... knocked them out, but... before the car hit them, Harry was fighting Jake because of the idea and Eric was trying to split them up."

I bit my lip. I didn't know what to do. I looked up at Harry and saw that I barely even recognized his face.

"I'm so sorry Spencer." "Call me Spence. Please." I cleared my throat and left the room. I went outside and there was no one there, but a nurse that was smoking. 

I coughed and started to go to my car. "Spence! You can't leave. The medicine is still in you and you can't drive like that." I turned and said, "Then you drive."

He paused and said, "Where?"

We drove up to the driveway and she was on the porch. I got my phone and pressed the record button to record our conversation. I threw my dignity behind me and walked up to her. "So, bitch how ya doin? Did you hear about the news?"

She looked up and chuckled and smiled, but the smile faded away and she was in shock. "W-what happened?"

"I need you to do me a favor." "What?" "I know that you were drunk last night probably right?" "Well it was my pleasure of doing that as a teen yes. Why are you asking? I don't see know cops." 

"Oh, don't worry. Do you remember if you went to a park of some sort?" "Well, I was drunk, but I do remember seeing Eric last night. Oh, and come to think I remember seeing that guy."

"Bitch please, I know you know him." I crossed my arms and River set his hand on my shoulder and said, "Stop cussing." I gave him a disgusted look and looked down at his hand.

He removed it and cleared his throat while looking away. "So, what do I have to do with anything in you two's lives?" "Do you remember who you were driving with?"

She giggled and said, "Well, they are way over your social standards so you probably won't know them." "Oh, your social standards will be going with the wallflowers in a second if you don't tell me." "How are you doing to do that?" "Oh, me going to the police telling them that you were drunk with illegal alcohol and ran over the three top popular guys in the school."

I looked at her and she said, "How do you have proof on that?" I held my phone and showed the phone recording the conversation. "No lying this time princess."

She shifted uncomfortably and said, "Liam and Zayn." "Thank you. Now was that hard baby?" "Oh shut the hell up you bitch." I smirked at her and said, "I would check your standards know bitch."

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