the love

She had the makeover, but now she's in love.


6. five



"We are almost graduating! Yes! I've been waiting for this time to come into my life. You know how long I waited? Eighteen fucking years. I earn this." "Sweetie we all do."

Josie glared at me and said, "Stop ruining this moment Spence. I love feeling like I'm invincible." "Don't we all." She groaned and said, "You're doing it again."

I chuckled and went on. Today was the week of the graduation. I was really excited. All we need to do, is just live through the exams. It was easy for me to say and do, but it was hard for Harry to even say. We still had a lot of studying to do for him.

"I'll catch up with you later. I'm tutoring Harry tonight." "Oh, tutoring Harry tonight. Nice one." "I'm not joking around." "Says the girl who is turning bright red." "Shut up." She stuck her tongue out at me and said, "Anyways, when's the broadway, and did you tell your parents about it yet?" "No, they're busy with their life. So, I don't want to bug 'em about mine." 

"Spencer, you need to tell them one way or another." "I know." 

"When is the show?" "Tomorrow night." "Well then, don't you have dress rehearsal?" "We did that during school." "Didn't notice." "Yeah. Bye!" "Bye."

I drove up to my house and Harry was the only one in there. He greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Spence, can I sleep in your room? You know, since I'm staying at your house and I really--" "My brother's room is empty."

He sighed and said, "But--" I picked up his suite case and lead him to his room. 

I went to my room and started to study for finals. I needed to pass all of them. I wanted to be valedictorian, and get that scholarship to Princeton.

There I could focus on something worth while. I just haven't really settled my finger on what though. That was a big problem.


I pulled my socks up above my ankle and put my glasses on. These were to protect me period. Even if you didn't have a problem with your eyes, you had to wear them.

I was ready for the game and everyone was hyped up. My team was known as number one, but today I felt that something different was going to happen. I didn't like it.

By the last few moments of the game the score was scary. We were playing the third best team and they were beating us by a slight point. I had the ball and I was the main attention. 

I had a clear focus on the goal. I ran up to it, but passed it to Mary. Mary passed it to the junior and then back to me. The captain of the other team was not really in the mood for loosing, I could tell, but we had to keep out standards up.

I rammed into her and made the goal. 

The crowd was standing and there was a cheer coming from the student section. I looked over and the only person I saw was the scout. Coach didn't tell me about this.

I went to the locker room and Coach went up to me and patted me on the back and said, "I saw what you did out there, and I'm proud of you Spence." "Thanks coach. That means a lot." He smiled at me and the was something in his eyes that made me worry. I knew that the scout was going to talk to me, but I was scared because of how the scout was looking at me.

I looked over my shoulder and the scout was standing there. Shit. It was my brother's best friend.

"Hey, Spence. It's been a long time hasn't it?" I half heartily chuckled and said, "Yeah, long time." He went up and gave me a tight hug then let go saying, "So, I saw you play out there, and I wasn't expecting it to be you under those glasses." 

"Surprise." "Yeah, big one. I'm here from Princeton. Our lacrosse team would love to have you. I know we're fourteenth, but we're looking for a girl like you." "Girl?" "You don't earn to be called a women in my eyes. You still run like a girl." "Thanks for pointing out the obvious."

He chuckled and said, "You haven't changed." "Right back at you." "I'll be coming to your practices to see how your doing there too. The girls back at the college will be excited to be on the same team as you." "Bye." "Bye."

I went out of the locker room and forgot something. I looked down and my promise ring with Harry was gone. I looked around in shock and ran back in. Someone grabbed my arm and said, "Don't worry I found it." I looked up and it was Sean, my brother's best friend. 

"Thank you. I thought I lost it." "I pulled it off don't worry. You getting married?" "No, it's a promise ring." "With who?" He raised his eyebrow and I got red. "No one in particular, just--" "Babe! I've been looking all over for you! I thought I would find you... who's he?"

Sean looked up and furrowed his eyebrows. "You've got to be joking. Spencer! He bullied you! Are you... you're insane." "Sean, he changed I--" "Spence. It's fine, let him think what he wants to think, but I can tell you that I'm in love with her alright?"

"Sure man, but wait till Jasper hears about this." "Spencer? Who's... wait is he your brother?" Sean threw his hands in the air of annoyance and I just nodded. 

"Spence, you haven't talked to him about Jasper?" I shook my head and he rolled his eyes and said, "Wait till he hears about this then." "He actually saw him. Harry here, just doesn't remember." "Well, that's a bad sign. I bet he doesn't even know why he's in love with you then."

That got me wondering too. I turned and Harry was stunned about that, but he took a breath and said, "I'm in love with her because she's not afraid to be who she really is. She's talented in ways that I can't even imagine her being talented in, but at the same time she's the laziest person in the world. She's smart, she's beautiful. She has a voice of an angel. I'm in love with everything about her, but it bothers me how you always steal the nutella."

I smirked at the last response and said, "My house, my rules. No one touches my nutella." 

Sean agreed and said, "Yeah, all fingers pointing at me for that." I smiled at him and said, "We should catch up on lost times." "Yeah, we should. You can also bring Harry along so I could see if he's good enough for you and no that question wasn't enough for me. It's cute, but it isn't enough for me."

"Don't be too tough on him Sean." "Oh, he earns to have a tough person like me testing him. He was your fucking bully. Why wouldn't I be all up on him? He's lucky that I'm tired right now from all the sitting I had to do."

I chuckled and said, "I'll see you later Sean." "Bye Spence."

I turned toward Harry and giggled while I walked off. "I knew I shouldn't have said that." "Why?" "You're going to laugh at me now and think that I'm one of those obsessed boyfriends that's all oogy poogy."

I raised an eyebrow and said, "Oogy poogy? What's next ooga ponga?"

I giggled and went toward my car. I opened it and Harry got on the other side. " I really think that I should drive. I mean you just got off a game, and I think that you should let your eyes rest." "I'm fine."

I started to back off and I suddenly braked. A car almost rammed into us. I looked at Harry and he gave me a look. I rolled my eyes and got out of the car.

When we got home, I headed straight for the showers. When I got out, I heard yelling at the bottom of the stairs. I went down and I saw my sister and Louis fighting over something. They seem to have forgotten too because Louis was just pulling his hair while my sister was just blabbering about random things.

I slowly turned around to make sure that I was quiet, but of course, my sister had to have keen eyes right then. "Spencer Calder, get your ass over here now!" "Fuck."

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