the love

She had the makeover, but now she's in love.


9. eight

A/N - it's time for the special chapter... I know I usually do Harry, but I bet we're wondering what Eric is thinking about... well maybe some of us, but I wanted to switch it up a bit from the main characters...



I looked at my phone seeing the message from Spencer and I couldn't believe on what happened. If I was there I bet that no one would get hurt, or, if we look a the negative side, I would be in a coma too. 

"Sweetie, your friend Josie is here." She smiled, but I knew that she was doing that because of the news.

I looked at my phone while Josie came in and said, "How's Spence?" "She's good." I let out a breath that I guess I've been holding in and said, "I know, but how is she doing?" I looked at her sternly and she said, "She's torn." I looked away, not being able to look at her.

"How's Harry and the gang?" "River didn't get hit." "He's no part of the gang?" "Well, he was part of the situation." "How was--" "They were trying to see if he actually changed." "That son of a--" "No cussing. Please. I know you're mad, but that isn't the way to settle things. Just look at it this way. Yes, he is dating Kate, but that just gives us an advantage of getting to know what Kate is doing and plus, if he changed then that means we only need to get Liam and Zayn over to the good side."

I scoffed and said, "How is that good?" "Just think of it like one down two more to go."

"I'm going to see Spencer and the gang, and that doesn't count River." I pushed pass her and went out the door. I forgot my keys and went back into my room, but didn't open the door because Josie was on the phone with someone.

"Look I don't know how long it will take for them to except you, but it's your fault for being such a bitch to Spencer all of her life stealing everything."

I opened the door and she ended the call and threw the phone on the bed. She smiled and put her hands behind her back and said, "How long exactly were--" "I heard everything." I got my keys and went out the door. She chased after me, but I just pushed her away from me. I got into the car and drove off. I didn't look back, but I knew that she was probably going to chase me to stop from telling Spencer, but as long as my testosterone is strong is it is, I'm going to beat her.

I parked my car and sure enough, Josie's car wasn't that far. I got into the hospital and asked for the room number. When I got it, Josie was rushing in yelling my name. I ignored it while she was just embarrassing the crap out of herself. 

I went into the elevator and she rushed in with me. "Eric, this is really annoying me. I have to tell you that I'm not friends with Kate. She's a bitch and please tell me at least you heard that part." I looked at her sternly and then looked away. Hopefully she got that as shut up, but know how dumb she could be dumb at times, I was concerned.

The elevator door opened and I stepped out and looked for the sign for 808. I found it and headed toward that direction. 

Josie was blabbering her mouth about reasons she was doing the things she did behind all of our backs, but I wasn't in the mood for her.

When I found the room, Spencer looked up and she was terrible. I went to her side and sat down on the chair next to hers. "Spence, please tell me what happened." She started to cry and then River came and sat next to me. I glared at him and said, "Get away. I bet you're the one that's--" "I didn't do it." "Famous last words."

I looked back at Spencer and said, "I can get rid of him if you want."

"Dude, I wasn't any part of this. It was all Jake's idea of trying to accept me into your little group and Harry and him were arguing about it in the park and the next thing I knew, a car came out of no where and rammed into them. It was a hit and run. I couldn't see the car clearly though because it was at night. I'm sorry dude, but I was not part of this at all."

He put his hands up and said, "Now, let's move on and try to comfort Spencer." "For beginners, you need to get out. You've been in here long enough."

He looked over at Spencer for support, but she shooed him off.

When he was finally out of the room, I turn toward Spencer and said, "Now--" She looked at Harry and then gripped my hand quickly and said, "Get the nurse." "Why--" "Get the nurse!"

I ran quickly and got the nurse and a doctor, just in case. When they got there, Harry was up right. I looked over at Jake and he was still asleep. Spencer was jumping up and down and happy as ever that he was alive. I was happy that she was happy. Tomorrow was school though so I had to go and get some sleep.


I went to school the next day and when I got out, I have to say that I was relieved. Spencer went straight to the hospital to visit Harry. His parents wanted him to stay at the hospital until he fully recovered because they thought it would be quicker that way.

I went to the hospital and I found Josie outside of the hospital room crying. A nurse came back with some coffee and then I saw Jake's parents walk out. His mother was crying a river literally.

When I got in there, there was only Harry. I got out and Josie was in the arms of Jake's mother. I put my hand through my hair and Jake's father put his hand on my back. I tried to hold it, but I just couldn't I pushed it off. I broke down in front of everyone. I didn't care about reputations. He was my best friend. No, he was my brother.

River was no where in sight, and that's probably a good thing. If he was here I would probably put all my anger onto him. I banged the wall and screamed. A nurse came and comforted me, but there was nothing that could help. My parents surrounded me as I turned around.

My mom was the first one to start crying. My father just stood there with Jake's dad. 

I hugged my mom and she started to cry louder. I didn't know what to do now. I looked over into the room. Jake's name was still on the board. I hated it. I don't know why, but I want to tear that board apart.

"Eric, sweetie. I think it's best if we go home now." "Yeah."

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