The last of us (13+)

Natalie a 17 y/o is fighting through her problems. She escapes and got going by 1D?!!! Soon later in life stats over but in the best way. Read to find out more about Natalie


1. The Run

I cried as my parents fought

"Please stop fighting!" I pleaded


I cried as I ran upstairs. I took out a razor and ran into the bathroom.

" why does it have to be me?" I question myself as I start cutting.

"AAAAGH" the pain was rushing inside me.

My arm full of cuts from my previous scene were still there.

I got easy for school the next day and I took out a suitcase for I am planning my escape.

_-~ The next day ~-_

My parents were asleep and i headed out to school. I drove there since I got my license 1 year ago.

As I headed in it started all over. The popular pushed me around again.

"Hey dweeb." Natasha the leader Of the pack said pushing me down.

"Please I- I just want to go to class." I said

"HAHA she wants her mum" Derrick Natasha's boyfriend said

I got myself up but dani pushed me.

They laughed as I crawled away.

I cried while I walked to class.

"M-morning mr. Powers" I greeted my science teacher.

"Natalie what happened again?" Mr powers asked . I told him everything he sealed with my problems but it keeps going in.

"Same thing that happens every day." I said sobbing.

" like I say every say ill deal with it."

Class started and the same old boring thing happens.

_~- after school-~_

I ran home and snuck in I grabbed all of my clothes and put it in the suitcase I put out last night. I put anything was in my room in a back pack and the case. Then I snuck downstairs to take most of the food.

I took 3 bottles of water and then headed out.

It was raining I had my hoodie and I ran down in the alley. I set up my station for the night.

Then I heard laughing and lots of foot steps.

"Oh no." I said I tried to curl up in a ball near the rubbish can then my clumsy self made a bang on the side of the medal. It went silent.

"Hello?!" A Irish voice said.

I kept quiet and the footsteps got closer and louder. I tried my best to camouflage in the shadows. But then they spotted me. I forgot i had light blue hair! God! 5 men saw me and kneeled down next to me.

"Excuse love are you okay?" The blonde one said.

I didn't answer.

"P-please don't hurt me ." I said softly.

"We're not going to hurt you." The curly haired one said

The one who wore a stripped shirt held out is hand and offered to help.

"Look we won't hurt you ." He said. He looked so convincing so I stood up gathering my stuff.

"T-thank you." I said shivering. I know I had a hoodie on but this is an old one that half holes and it was ripped.

The one wearing the leather jacket gave me the leather jacket.

"I'm zayn by the way." He said

"I'm Louis."the one in the striped shirt said.

"I'm Niall." The blonde said

"I'm Harry ." The curly said

"And I'm Liam." The one with the batman beanie said

"I-I'm Natalie." I said

_~- Next morning-~_

I woke up on my bed?! I couldn't move I was tied and I heard hard foot steps coming up stairs.

The door slammed opened.

"Good morning Natalie." My dad said holding a whip.

"DONT HURT ME!!" I said

He whipped me once.

"Don't dis behave or I whip you." He said

"Let's see what were going to do to you."

He unbutton my shirt and started to whip me again.


_~- end of nightmare-~_

"AAGGGHHH DONT HURT ME!!!!" I screamed

The lads came running in. One hugged me for a second. I started crying and hugged him back.

"Natalie Natalie it's over!!"Liam said

"OMG your burning up are you okay?" Harry said

"Niall call a doctor." Louis said

"NO don't call the doctor!" I said

I didn't want them to see my cuts and the marks that my dad hit me with or the bruises from Natasha.

"Look their just going to check up on you." Zayn said

30 mins later a doctor came in.

"Alright Natalie I'm just going take a few tests okay?" The doctor said

"Can you roll up your sleeves?" She asked

I shook my head no but she did it anyway.

"NO! Please don't !" I said terrified.

The boys saw my cuts .

"Natalie what happened?" The doctor asked

"I-I c-....." I stopped

"This is horrid I can watch." Liam said

I started crying again and the doctor lifted up my shirt. They saw the marks the bruises and the cuts.

"I'm going to get fresh air..." Zayn said

"Me too." The others said and walked out to the balcony

Liam POV

It was horrid to look at her like that.

"I can't believe it.." Zayn said

"It's horrible." I said

"W-why would she cut ?" Louis said

"She's beautiful but the pain comes to her.." I said.

Natalie POV

I cried as the doctor left then the boys came back inside

I looked at my cuts and I slapped my arm.

"Aggh!" I said.

I wanted to slap my arm again but someone grabbed my arm before I could even slap it.

"Don't do that." Zayn said

"Why are you doing this?" Liam said

I didn't say anything then I took my backpack and grabbed out a bag of Doritos and ate it.

"Your very hungry are you?" Niall said

"I-I don't have anything else to eat anyway.." I said

"We were going to get dinner started do you want to join?" He asked

"I shouldn't I am going to cause more trouble then I am now." I said

"No your not come on." Zayn said grabbing my arm.

"Ow!!" I said

"Oh sorry." He said then picked me up instead.

"AHH!" I said laughing and trying to kick him.

"Now that's what we need to hear!" He said tickling me

"AH STOP IT!" I said laughing.

"Al right alright.." He said smirking. Then he tickled me again.


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