The last of us (13+)

Natalie a 17 y/o is fighting through her problems. She escapes and got going by 1D?!!! Soon later in life stats over but in the best way. Read to find out more about Natalie


2. Starting life all over

It's was 7 and Niall made us all a dinner.

"So uh Natalie can you tell us about yourself?" Louis asked

"Sure. I was born in Bradford and I love graffiti I would draw in my room all the time and I posted some pics on twitter." I said

"That's awesome I love graffiti and I was born in Bradford!" Zayn said.

I finished my food and I cleaned my plate after wards.

I was tired so I headed back to the room and took a quick shower and Put on the clothes I packed.

I went it bed and slept peacefully.

Zayn's POV

Natalie was a very cool girl. She is nothing like other girls.. I mean sure we were both born in Bradford and love graffiti she is beautiful.

I want to see that in every girl. She is not trying her best to impress. She is being herself which I liked. I was heading to her room to say goodnight but when I opened the door she was fast asleep.

I walked up to her and kissed her forehead. She is so cute when she slept. I was pretty tired myself I was to lazy to walk back to my room so I just took an extra pillow and blanket out of the closet and slept on the floor.

It was kinda nice sleeping some where less then my room.. I sang myself to sleep and dreamed of her..

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth cause it's true oh it's you made out of two cause i am in love with you and all these little things.."

Natalie's POV

I woke up the next morning with a beautiful view from the window. I was about to step out of bed when I almost stepped on zayn sleeping on the floor..

I hopped over him and sat next to him.

"Zayn..?" I said in a soft tone tapping him gently.

"Like 5 more mins?" He said in his morning voice

"Zayn it's me Natalie.." I said

He woke up in a flash and stretched.

"Were you in here sleeping all night?" I said

"I guess.." He said

"Well I guess.. Good morning.." I said

He smiled and he stood up folding the blanket and putting the pillow in the closet.

"Well I will get ready and make breakfast for you and the boys." I said


I went to the kitchen and looked in the cabinets and fridge to find anything to make.

I saw pancakes , eggs , and bacon I took those and started to heat up the stove.

I fried the eggs and bacon. I flipped the pancake batter and took out a plate to put them on. I got some butter and put them it in a separate bowl then put the syrup on the side.

When I was done I heard the boys coming..

"I SMELL BACON!!!" Louis said

"PANCAKES!!" I heard Niall yelled.

They all came I and looked at me very surprised.

"Good morning, made you breakfast!" I said smiling.

"Your a god Natalie..." Niall said

I giggled a little and everyone grabbed their plates and started getting their breakfast

"You know you didn't have to do this right?" Liam said

"I know it's just my thank you for helping me yesterday." I said

"Well we can't thank YOU enough." Zayn said smiling at me.

I cleaned up my plate and went to my room to freshen up.

I took out a fresh pair of shorts and a t shirts saying 'feast mode." No beast but feast.

I tied my hair up in a ponytail and didn't put any make up on cause I don't really like to wear if I have to.

I walked out and saw the boys sitting on the bed waiting for me..

"Hey.. What are you guys doing??" I said kinda weirdly.

"Ready..?" Liam said it Niall.

"Wait what??" I started to get confused

"1..." Niall counted

"2..." Zayn said

"3..." Louis said

"GO!!!" Harry said

And they jumped of the bed and started to tackle me with a hug.

"AHH! I said laughing.

"YES WE GOT HERE LADS!!" Louis said as I kept laughing. They'll ergo of me when I tickled them back.

"Alright what was that for." I said putting my hands on my hips like in their mother.

"Well sorry mum." Louis said.

We all laughed and I went or the living room to clean up from the mess they made.

"Here let me help you.." Liam said

"No I got it." I said

Liam's POV

I don't know why she wanted to do this..

I couldn't stop her anyway. She was so kind and caring. She made us a big breakfast and now cleaning our living room..

It's was great that we helped her.. I am not saying we should keep her as a maid I mean like its kind of good having a girl around and also if we didn't help she might of gotten sick and I don't like seeing that..

I may fancy her..

Natalie's POV

I was almost done cleaning up the living room. I was planning to clean some of the boys room but I don't want to get into their privacy.

I was done cleaning and Liam just still standing there looking at me.

"What...?" I said

"Y-y-you.." He stutters and talking gibberish while pointing at what I've done.

"Hey I just want to help around the house not because I was bored or something I just wanted to." I said smiling and walked up to him have him a kiss on the cheek.

He touched his cheek and blushed a little.

"Um Liam if you don't mind me going to clean your room or anything.." I said

"N-no problem..." He said

I laughed and walked to his room

Niall's POV

I was very happy Natalie was here.. I was just walking in the living room and saw it was different... I saw Liam just standing thee touching his cheek.

"Liam mate you okay?"I said

"S-s-she kissed me right here...." He said ,

" and did this.."

I looked at how clean it was and wanted to go to her room but she wasn't in there I figured she was in one of our rooms so I checked Louis first.

"Hey has Natalie been in her?" I asked Lou.

"Nope. Probably in zayn's." He said

I headed it zayn and he said the same thing but in MY room.

She wasn't in thee so I guess she was in Liam's

And she was.

She was folding his laundry, fixing his bed and other things.

"Natalie what are you doing?" I said

"Cleaning up Liam's room and uh do you mind if I went in yours to fix it up?" She said

"Sure but be prepared though you might not like it.." I said and she giggled

She was so cute . I only met her about a day ago but I fancy her..

Natalie's POV

"Well thanks Nialler." I said kissing him on the cheek. He did what Liam did but smiled back.

I heard to Niall's room and boy he was right it was like a dump.. I am not complaining but it was pretty messy Full of food and clothes every where.

--> skip cleaning All the rooms-->

I was done and was a little exhausted but I hade energy to make dinner.

I made chili and pasta. I put them in 6 bowls and set up the table. I guess living with them isn't so bad.. I heard them waking down and I was washing up the pot and stuff.

Yep they were amazed again..

"Natalie... Gosh.." Louis said

"What.. I know what your thinking.." I said

"What am I thinking???" He said

"NATALIE STOP YOU ARE WORKING TO HARD AND YOU DONT NEED OT WE CAN HANDLE IT!!!" I said in the loudest voice possible to imitate Louis.

" exactly!!" He shouted back.

Harry couldn't handle it so he hugged me.

"Thank you.." He whispered

----> after dinner ---->

I headed back to my room and got ready for bed. I loved music so I put on some music while playing. The song was "night changes" by one direction. I really liked that band but I haven't seen any pictures or seen any of there interviews. I wouldn't really fan girl around cause I am not that kind of girl. I put it on medium and slept.

"Going out tonight changes into something red l.. Her mother doesn't like taht kind of dress every hing she never had she'd show it off.."

Louis POV

I wanted to thank Natalie and say good night to her. I headed to her room and I saw her fast asleep to music..? And she was listening to OUR song?!!!!!!!! OMG! I don't know if she realizes she is living with one direction yet..

"Uh Natalie..." I said softly as I can.

She opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Yeah..?" She said in her sleepy voice

"Thank you." I said and kissed her on the forehead

"N-no problem.." She said sleepy.

"Have you realized something yet?" I said.

"No what is it?" She said while closing her eyes.

"Your in a house with one direction.." I said

She probably didn't hear me cause she was fast asleep. I don't know if the other lad a felt this way but I really like her..

(A/N : probably sucked but I really wanted to make a couple chapters before actually u know publish so you gust won't get cranky..)

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