The last of us (13+)

Natalie a 17 y/o is fighting through her problems. She escapes and got going by 1D?!!! Soon later in life stats over but in the best way. Read to find out more about Natalie


3. Living with the famous????

(3 weeks later)Natalie's POV

I woke up the next morning still very tired form yesterday but I managed to open up my eyes

I got ready and headed to the kitchen for breakfast and the boys were already there and Harry made breakfast.

"Morning!" He said

"How did you manage to wake up before me?" I said

"We have an alarm clock.." He joked

"So uh Louis what did you say last night when I drooped to sleep?" I asked him

"Uh I'll tell you later." He said

I was humming illusion from 1D while drinking my orange juice.

"Oh baby this is not an illusion on baby this is not how I feel up my sleeve.." I sang softly and all the boys just looked at me.

"What..? Did you hear my horrible voice!" I said.

They didn't say anything but looked at me..

"Y-you're singing..." Niall said while Louis covers up his mouth.

--> later that afternoon <--

"Louis please tell me what you said last night!!" I begged.

"Fine.. But don't freak out!" He said

"I won't is this huge secret? Or something I should know.." I said

" something you should know.." He said

"Well last night when you listened to Music when you were sleeping ehh I said that you were living with one direction." He said

My eyes widen and looked at him..

"Are out freaking out...?" He said

"No just surprised cause I never met to you guys and never had any pictures.." I said

"Why?" He asked

"It's cause my mum and dad always y'know it's bad for me to be around boy are even have pics of then so yeah.." I said

Louis's POV

She told me many things about her not meeting us and stuff

And that's a bit surprising if she knew about us but never met or have items with our faces on it...

"Eh so now what..?" I said

"I'm just gonna go.." She said then walked away

I don't know if she is freaking out or she is happy.....

Natalie's POV

I was living with one direction.... Like for real???

I couldn't stop thinking about it and I barely left my room for even a bit.

I heard a knock on the door and I just sat there on my bed.

"Natalie it's me Harry.." He said

"What?" I said

"Can I come in..?" Harry asked

"I don't know.. Can you?" I said

"Are you mad at me?" He asked

"Why didn't you guys tell me sooner.." I said

"Tell you what?" He asked through the door.


"Calm down and just let me in please.." He said

I opened the door and went back on the bed still a little angry.

"Look... I know that your upset that we kinda lied to you and all but we might thought you'd freak out.." He said

"If you told me sooner then I wouldn't be.." I said

He sat next to me giving me a hug.

"Sorry." He said

I calmed down a little and took out some of my clothes that I had from the day I ran away.

"You should get new clothes." Harry said

"I like these and I don't need any."I said

He left for me to change and I heard the boys talking and I didn't know what they were talking about though..

Harry's POV

I grabbed my lets and my jacket and headed out

"Harry where are you of to?" Liam asked

"To buy Natalie new clothes.." I said

"Okay then..." He said then I left

It was like a 10 minute drive to the store. I knew she was a tomboyish girl so I bought her like shorts and something kind of like what zayn would wear. I was spotted a couple times but it was fine.

Natalie's POV

I was finished changing and I went to Niall's room cos I left something I think in there.

"Hey Niall have you seen my Headphones?" I asked him

"No have you asked Liam?" He said

"No but thanks." I said

I went to Liam's and he said the same.

Did Zayn or Louis or Harry take it?

I just went to zayn's and he was painting something.

"Zen have you seen my headphones?" I asked

"No I haven't." He said

"What are you painting?" I asked

"Something..." He said with a smirk.

"Well I'll go to Harry's and see if he has them." I said

"Oh Harry left." He said


"I don't know shopping how should I know I was paying no attention." He said

I headed to Louis instead and he said the same and so I went to Harry's. It wasn't in there.


Harry's POV

I was heading back when I saw these blue headphones in my car.

It's probably Natalie's she probably left it here when she was in the car. I'll give it to her when I get home.

I was entering the house and I saw Natalie scattering everywhere looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" I asked

"My freaking headphones." She said

"Oh you left them in my car here." I said handing her the headphones.


She was so cute with her laugh and her sass. I love those blue eyes and that blonde hair.

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