The last of us (13+)

Natalie a 17 y/o is fighting through her problems. She escapes and got going by 1D?!!! Soon later in life stats over but in the best way. Read to find out more about Natalie


5. Back to Hell

Louis POV

I was happy and sad at the same time for Natalie. She has lymphoma stage 4 and also she is starting school tomorrow!!" I was so excited to tell her!

I went up to her room and sat next to her while she was drawing something.

"So Natalie.." I said

"Yes?" She said looking confused

"I have good news!!!"

"What is it??" She said impatiently


Her eyes widen and I don't know but she started freaking out

Natalie's POV


I started to freak out and it gave me flashbacks of my 1 well of school.


"Please stop!!!" I yelled

"HAHA!!" The popular laughed

Kicking me , punching me

I started to bleed from wear my cuts were..

"You know your a whore and slut." Dani said

"NO IM NOT YOU ARE!!" I said

" excuse me?!!" She said punching me in the face


"NATALIE ARE YOU OK?!!" Lou shook me and I snapped out of my thoughts

"I-I.." I froze. I started to cry on my paper and the boys rushed in.

" Natalie!" They all said

"What's wrong?!" Liam said

"I just brought up school and she freaked out!" Lou said

"I-I-I hate school!" I yelled and stormed out if the room.

Louis POV

I can't believe it.. She just stormed out of the room like that.

"Lou we were suppose to tell her tonight..." Harry said to me

"I can't help it I had to!" I said

After I said that I heard a scream downstairs.

"OMG Natalie!!!" I said running downstairs.

Her oxygen tank ran out.

"NATALIE!!" I said

The thing was empty and I carried her to the car.

I started driving and sped a lot.

"MOVE YOU FUCKER!!!" I cursed with Natalie beside me.

We got to the hospital and they took her straight away.

- 2 hours later -

I was In the room where Natalie was and so were the boys.

"I-I'm so sorry."I said a year steaming down my face

"Louis it's not your fault." Liam said

"I freaked her out."

She started moving after and opened her eyes

"L-Louis?" She said weakly

"Natalie OMG I'm so sorry!" I said

"I-it's not your fault." She said

Her hands cold like always and her beautiful eyes twinkling in the light.

"Can you tell me why you hate school?" I asked

She nodded and she started to talk.

"I was in 3rd grade and my life began to be a pit of death.. I got bullied a lot and that led on till high school. And I will get injured and my parents would never care anymore. Popular kids punching and kicking me till they got tired." She said

We all froze and the problem was that she starts tomorrow and she needs rest..

"Liam call the school and tell the principal Natalie is going to miss the first day and she needs rest." I said

"Okay." Liam said and called

---> next day --->

Natalie's POV

I was at home scared. I know having cancer sucks but he worst is getting hurt while having cancer.

Niall came in with food for me and I started eating.

"Niall..?" I said

"Yes love?" He said

"I'm scared I might get hurt." I said

He hugged me and told me don't worry.

The day pasted quickly and it was school..

I got ready and I headed out. Harry drove me. Of course paparazzi would follow.

"Have fun try making friends." Harry said as I exited.

"Thanks Harry."I said then kissed his cheek.

I headed in and eyes were laid on me...

(A/N holy shit!!! Making 2chapters every day!!)

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