You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


10. Chapter9

"Take a picture it'll last longer." I say in a groan.
"I already did." Rose squeals.
"You had one job; don't fuck Niall. Get off of the couch, I wanna watch TV." Rudy demands.
"Do you see his penis anywhere near me? There's another one right there." I point to the couch on the left.
"I don't like that angle." He retorts.
"Fine, Niall and I will lay down on that one."
"Fuck it." Rudy walks to the kitchen and takes out the extra pizza that was in there.
He and Rose eat from it and I slightly slap Niall's cheek to wake him up. He groans but doesn't open his eyes, I slap him harder and he groans louder.
"Oi, you could have woken me up differently." He says in his deep, sexy, and raspy voice.
"I know, but this way is funnier."
He smiles at me and squeezes my ass. He then kisses me and lets his tongue in, I put my hand on his chest and push him away. He looks at me in confusion, I bob my head towards the kitchen and he nods and pecks my lips.
"I should go home before my brother starts to think I'm selling again."
I walk Niall to the door and before we could exchange goodbyes he turns around and leans on the door frame.
"Go out with me tomorrow." Niall commands instead of asks.
"Sure, when and where?" I ask.
He gives me a short but passionate kiss "I'll text you." There's the cocky ass motherfucker I know.
I close the door and take an apple from the fruit bowl in the kitchen, I would lose my hand if I try to get a slice from one of my siblings. I then head back up to my room and jump into bed. I turn on my TV and begin to watch some cartoons. I hear my phone vibrate and I reach over to my nightstand for it.
Niall:Be ready at 1 beautiful
Me:Where are we going?
Me:I hate you
Niall:Hate you too beautiful
I connect my phone to my charger at leave it on the floor. I take a big bite from my apple and moan at how sweet it tastes.
"Hey Vicky, Roy wants to talk to you!" Rose yells from the living room.
I walk down the stairs while eating my apple.
"Hey Roy, what's up?"
"Are you ready for school?" He asks.
"But I thought I still had at least 2 more days of vacation." I whine.
"You do, he's asking if you're ready." Rudy explains.
I nod and sit down and Roy quizzes me on my backstory. I pass every question "Now just one more issue. That has to go." He points to my golden locket that I always wear.
I shake my head saying no and I hold onto it. My golden locket is all I have left of my parents. It's the shape of a heart, has the words 'Forever in my heart' engraved on it, and a red rose next to the letters. Inside it has both my parent's faces on it, my mother's face on the right side, and my father's on the left.
"Over. My. Dead. Body." I say as I clutch my locket in my hands.
"Vicky-" I cut my brother off.
"No! This is all I have left of them!" Roy stands up and walks over to me "Don't!" He extends his arm out and opens his hand "No! You're not taking it!"
I run back to my room and lock my door. I collapse on my knees and sob. I go to the corner of my bedroom, bring my knees to my chest, and hug myself. My phone vibrates and I unplug it and Niall's name shows up.
"What?" I asked a bit more snippy than it was supposed to sound.
"What's wrong beautiful?" He asks sincerely.
"Nothing w-why would you think something's wrong?"
"Because I can see you from my room, and I can hear you've been crying." Shit I forgot that he can see me.
"It's none of your business anyways, I have to go see you tomorrow at 1." I said this as quick as I could and immediately hung up.
My phone vibrates again 'Niall'. Ignore. I put my phone in one of my drawers so that I won't hear it anymore. Someone knocks on my door and I stay in the corner.
"Vicky it's me." I hear Rose say.
"I'm not opening the door."
"Listen, I made an agreement with Roy, he won't take it but you have to leave it here while you're at school." I think about her offer for a bit.
"How do I know it'll be here when I get back."
"I swear or may Anthony be born with a face like a goat."
"Who the fuck is Anthony?"
"He's your nephew."
With that I opened the door slowly and agreed to her terms. I hugged her and told her how excited I was for little Anthony.
We walked back to the living room and nodded my head "I'll leave it here, but I'm gonna hide it."
"Well then next matter at hand, this is Jay." The door opens and a man with slick black hair and brown eyes emerges, he looks to be in his 20's, and he stands tall looking straight ahead with his hands behind his back "He will take you to and from school." Roy says.
"So he's my chauffeur." I say with a smirk on my face.
"No he's-" I cut Roy off.
"You said he's driving to and from school, so he's my chauffeur."
"If you would like to put it that way." Roy says in defeat.
I go over to Jay and wrap my arms around his chest and his arms. I can tell he feels awkward and I enjoy it. I hear him clear his throat awkwardly and I pull back and smile up at him. He looks at me in confusion "I will take you at 7:30 and I will wait until you arrive back at the car to take you home." He says without emotion and exits the house.
I look back at everyone "What the fuck just happened?"
My siblings shrug their shoulders and Roy also leaves. I shrug my shoulders and go to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. I go back and sit in between my siblings. Rudy changes the channels, grabs my sandwich and rips off a piece.
"Hey!" I yell at him.
"Shut up I'm a firefighter." He says with a mouth full of sandwich.
I huff and take a bite out of the rest of sandwich. Rose grabs the entire piece that's left and scarfs it down. I huff again and stand up "You guys are such beeotches."
I head back to my room and take out my phone from my drawer.
Niall:Just tell me
Niall:I won't judge swear!
Niall:Come on beautiful
Me:Please drop it, it's really personal. I'd rather not talk about it anymore.
I plug it back into my charger and I grip my necklace "I'm so sorry mom and dad, I have to do this."
I unclip it, take out my parent's pictures, and roll it into a ball. Finally I give it one last kiss, walk over to my window, and throw it as hard as I can to the dumpster that is behind my house. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand "What have I done?" I lose all feeling in my legs, fall to the ground, and sob quietly enough for my siblings not to hear.
Why did she just throw her necklace into a dumpster? Since when did she have real parents? I've always seen her wearing that locket, but never really asked why. But if that was all her real parents ever left her why would she do that? God this is a total mind fuck. I guess she was "somewhat right" this too personal for me.
I see her crumble to the floor and I hear her crying from her phone. This is something a boyfriend never wants to see or hear, his girlfriend cry.
I grab my hoodie, a clean pair of basketball shorts, and throw on some Nike's. I take my phone out and call Louis.
"Come to my house now." I end the call and head downstairs.
"Hey, where are you going?" Greg asks not taking his eyes off the game on the living room TV.
"What do you care Greg?"
"I'm your brother."
"I'll be back soon." I head out the door and wait on the sidewalk.
A couple of minutes later Louis drives up "I'm here."
"Took you long enough." I get in his car and direct him to drive to the dumpsters behind my house.
We get out of the car and walk towards the one Elena threw her necklace in.
"Go in there and look for a golden heart necklace." I instruct him.
"Fuck no." He retorts.
"It wasn't a question." I say while gritting my teeth and holding the sleeve of Louis' shirt.
I push him to the dumpster and he obeys my orders. While he looks I dial Zayn's number and wait.
"What's up Ni."
"I need a favor."
"Anything man."
"Remember when you made a bracelet for that one gold digger you were dating."
"Yea she was a bitch, but her body was irresistible."
"I need you to make me something."
"Make a-"
"Found it!" Louis yells as he holds up Elena's locket.
I nod at him and put it in my pocket.

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