You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


9. Chapter8

Niall and his friends continue to talk and I decide to take a shower. When I get out I brush my hair and my teeth, change into new clothes, and go back to my room. I clean up all the clothes on the floor and the condoms. I make my bed and go back to the living room.
"So she doesn't know yet?" I stop where I'm at and crouch to the floor a bit to eavesdrop.
"No, and I don't plan on telling her." Niall says.
"She's going to the same school as us, she's going to find out sooner or later." Liam explains.
"I'd rather let her find out later." Niall retorts.
"What the fuck is up with you? I've never seen you hide this from any girl." Louis asks.
"I don't know it's just... I don't want to fuck up with Elena."
"Damn. She's got you whipped!" Louis yells, and everyone bursts into laughter.
Suddenly they all stop laughing, I stand up a bit to see but I can't.
"What the fuck Nialler!" Harry retorts.
"Don't ever fucking call me whipped motherfucker!" Niall exclaims.
"So when we have a job to do what the fuck are you going to tell her?" Zayn asks.
"I'll make something up." Niall responds.
"So do you want out of One Direction?! For some girl!" Harry asks Niall.
"Shut the fuck up Harry! I made this gang possible remember!? Do you remember when I first found you Harry? You were getting the shit beaten out of you by 4 guys. And I jumped in and saved your fucking arse! What about you Zayn, when you were selling and got caught. Who bailed you out?! Louis, when you slept with Johanna and her boyfriend and his gang wanted to take you out, who fucked him up for you?! Liam, you've always had my back since day one. Now this one time I need you to trust me on this."
Wow, Niall stood up to his own gang for me. I ignore everything and run downstairs. I jump and wrap my arms around Niall's chest.
"What's wrong babe?" Niall asks as he rubs my back.
"I heard everything." I tell him while still hugging him, he pulls back and looks down.
"Oh no. I'm so so-" I cut him off by planting my lips on his.
"I don't care that you're in a gang. I've been surrounded by all this shit since birth." He smiles and kisses me back.
I look back at the guys "I know you don't trust me now, but I don't trust you guys either. You earn my trust and I'll earn yours... Deal?" I stick my hand out to them and they each agree and shake my hand.
"Now... About the picture. If any of you show anyone I will personally make it impossible for any of you to reproduce. And that goes for you too." I say this with every ounce of seriousness in me. I look at Niall when I say the last sentence.
They all throw their hands up in surrender and take one step back. Except for Niall who smiles at me and wraps his arms around me.
"Now do you see why I do what I do for her?" Niall teases his friends and I hug him back.
"So do you guys wanna stay and hang out?" I ask them.
They all nod and I turn on the living room TV and look through all the channels. I ask everyone what they want to see and they all shrug their shoulders. I roll my eyes and continue to surf the channels. I stop at a soccer game and snuggle up next to Niall. I feel all their eyes on me "What?" I ask.
"You want to watch that?" Harry asks as he points to the screen.
"Yeah so. I apologize for liking sports instead of fucking fashion shows." I answer sarcastically and the boys start laughing.
Niall hugs me harder and kisses my forehead.
"We all love football." Zayn explains.
"And you thought it was weird for someone like me to like this shit." I say sarcastically.
"Pretty much." Louis retorts.
I mock his laugh and continue to watch the game. I yell at the player who missed the goal that was 4 feet in front of his face. And the boys look at me weird again, I ignore them and resume yelling. An hour later I'm laying on top of Niall in the little armchair with a blanket covering us both, I hear a growling noise and I look up and realize I'm on Niall's stomach.
"Are you hungry?" I ask.
He looks at me, nods, and brings his bottom lip out. I sigh in defeat "Fine I'll cook you something."
He smiles immediately and kisses my nose.
"Eeewwww, you slobbered on my nose."
"I'd rather slobber somewhere else." He whispers and I slap his chest.
I go into the kitchen and look throughout the fridge and find frozen pizzas. I put three of them on pans and into the oven. I go back to Niall's side and snuggle myself under the blanket. I feel Niall's hand move up from my thigh to my short's button.
"Niall what are you-" He slowly shushes me and slips his hand in deeper.
I bite my bottom lip and hide my face with my hair. Niall messages my clit with his middle finger and I moan quietly.
"Shhh, beautiful you have to be quiet." He whispers, I nod and hide my face in his neck.
Niall continues and then shoves in his finger. I silently gasp at how rough he is. He brings it in and out slowly and I suck on his neck as he fingers me. I feel him add two more fingers "Woah, I see you like to cut to the chase." I whisper sarcastically.
He chuckles as he slowly brings his 3 fingers in and out. I twitch as I am reaching my climax. I bite my bottom lip again as Niall sends me over the edge. He slowly takes out his fingers and licks them. I look over and all the boys are staring at the TV screen with their mouths open and eyes wide.
"Are they really oblivious to what just happened?" I whisper to Niall, he nods and I hear the oven make a dinging noise.
I hesitate to get up since there is a wet spot on my shorts. Niall looks at me confused "What?" He asks.
"My shorts are wet." I whisper.
"Cover yourself with the blanket and sneak upstairs as we are eating." It comes out more as a demand than a suggestion.
I stand up while covering my whole body with my blanket and walk to the kitchen. I take out two of the pizzas and set them on the table.
"PIZZA!" All the boys yell as they jump over the couches.
They all grab a slice and munch on it. I laugh and head upstairs to change. I change into black leggings and go back to the kitchen.
"Fuck you Zayn, I get the last slice!" Louis yells.
"Fuck you Louis, I called dibs!" Zayn retorts.
I make my way to the last piece and take a bite out of it. The boys were too engulfed in their argument that they barely noticed me. When I finished the slice I slapped my hands together as if I was cleaning the crumbs off my hands. They all turn around from the table "Niall, your girlfriend ate my pizza!" Zayn says in a child's tone.
I laugh and Niall comes over to me and puts his arm over my shoulder. He kisses my head "You arse looks hot in those leggings." Niall says for everyone to hear.
I giggle and Harry and Liam make gagging noises.
"I like that tattoo." Louis changes the subject and points to the rose on my arm.
"Thanks, I like how it came out too."
"When did you get it?" He asks.
"About a month and a half ago."
"Did it hurt? Since it looks like you're not much of a tattoo girl."
"Not really since it's henna." I respond.
"Pussy." Zayn coughs making everyone laugh.
"Don't be upset, he's just mad cause you ate his pizza." Niall tells me.
"Just so you know I got henna because if I ever need to donate one of my organs or something, they won't deny me because I have tattoos."
They look at me with confusion "You guys are idiots, when get a permanent tattoo the needle slightly goes into your skin and fucks up your blood. Obviously I can't rely on any of you for a transplant." I say with a 'matter of fact' tone.
"You can rely on me beautiful." Niall whispers in my ear.
I smile and stand on my tippy toes so I can kiss him.
All the guys, except for Niall, left already to who knows where. Niall and I are laying down on the couch, I have my head on his chest and he has his hand laying on my ass.
"What time is it?" I ask.
"2 and a half more hours of un supervision." I tell him sarcastically.
He nods and yawns, I yawn shortly afterwards. I try to keep my eyes open but my eyelids become heavier and heavier, until I finally fall asleep.

"Oh God that's just disturbing."
"No it's not, this is adorable."
"You're just high on hormones."
"I'm getting fucking tired of your pregnant jokes."
"Anyways, look his hand is on her ass."
"Shut up, you're going to wake them up, and his hand is on her hip."
"I'm getting the fucking hose on these two."
I flutter my eyes and I see Rudy and Rose standing over Niall and I on the couch.
Oh Shit, Rudy's only rule was not to fuck Niall.

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