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8. Chapter7

My backpack is now filled with anything I'll ever need for the first day of senior year. I hang up my new purple backpack on one of my coat hangers and I lay down on my bed. I look over at my phone 6:37. Wow not even dark yet and I'm ready to hit the sack. I ignore the time and go to sleep anyways.
This time my dreams consist of an old memory of my childhood instead of a sex scene between me and Niall.
I tap my phone and yawn loudly while stretching. I take a look over at my phone 8:30 3 NEW TEXT MESSAGES.
Rudy:Hey Vick went to work. Won't be back until 4. Don't fuck Niall while I'm gone.
Rose:Morning Sunshine :) I'm at work. I won't be home until 5. Make me some food for when I get home PLEASE! XP
Niall:Morning Beautiful I'm coming over for some breakfast
Niall's is from less than 5 minutes ago. I get up from my bed and walk down to the kitchen.
"It's about time you woke up!" Niall yells while eating a bowl of cereal.
I roll my eyes and go over to the fridge and take out some eggs and bacon.
"How long have you been here?" I ask.
"I got here 5 minutes ago." He answers.
I put a skillet on the stove and crack open some eggs "Do you want some?" I ask Niall.
He nods and finishes up his cereal. He walks over to me and puts his hands on my waist and kisses my neck. I try to shoo him away but he ignores me and moves his hands up to breasts and messages them " you're gonna make me burn the house down." I say with a small giggle.
I wave him away and continue with breakfast. I plate the eggs and bacon and serve it to Niall.
"So where is everyone?"
"My dad's working and so is my aunt."
"So are my dad and brother."
"So they left 2 sexually active teenagers alone for 8 hours." I say sarcastically.
"They have no idea what they've just done." Niall tells me.
I giggle and take both of our plates to the sink and wash them. I head back to the island counter and Niall puts his hands on the counter and leans in to me. I kiss his soft lips and run my fingers through his hair. Niall grabs my waist and lifts me up to the counter. He nibbles on my neck and I moan when he reaches my sweet spot. Niall lowers his basketball shorts and exposes his boxers and his boner. Before he could lower his boxers I stop him "Niall slow down."
"Sorry I guess I uh just got ahead of-" He trails off and I grab his face and smash it into mine.
"What I was saying was I don't want to fuck you in the kitchen." He smiles and picks me up from the counter and carries me to my room.
Niall drops me on my bed and takes off his shirt, I take off my shirt and Niall helps me with my shorts and kisses his way up from waist to my lips.
"I want to be inside of you." Niall whispers in my ear.
I nod my head and he unhooks my bra and takes it off. He starts to kiss my breasts and takes one my nipples into his mouth.
"Niall." I moan.
He takes off my panties and licks my clit, I moan again and Niall puts in his index finger and brings it in and out. I moan again and arch my back as I feel him add two more fingers "Fuck." I moan.
I let out one last moan before I reach my climax. I look down and Niall licks his fingers and takes off both his shorts and his boxers.
"Wait. Do you have a condom?" Niall asks.
"Yes, because obviously the girl is supposed to have condoms." I say sarcastically.
"Well, does your dad have any?" He asks frantically.
I shrug my shoulders and get up from the bed and grab a towel to wrap myself in. I head over to Rudy's room and look all throughout his drawers. I find no condoms. If I were Rudy, where would I hide condoms? A lightbulb goes off in my brain and I look underneath his bed and find what I'm looking for. I take one and neatly put the box back where I found it. When I tip toe back to my room Niall is covering himself with my blanket and sighs in relief when I show him the concealed rubber. I take off the towel I was using as a blanket and join Niall.
I rip the wrapper and take it out and put it on Niall. He hovers over me and kisses me as he positions himself inside me. I gasp at the sensation. Don't get me wrong I've had sex a couple of times before, but that was only with my so called love of my life. Niall thrusts into me and I moan a little louder. Sooner his thrusts become rougher and faster, our hips are in sync and I wrap my legs around his hips. I grip my sheets as he sucks on my neck while still thrusting. We begin to breathe heavy and loud as we both soon reach our climax. I moan one last time and release my legs from Niall's hips, he lays down next to me and gazes into my eyes.
"How. Was. That?" He asks out of breath.
I turn away and look at the ceiling "You're going to laugh." I say.
"Babe I promise I won't." Niall rests on his arm and pecks my lips.
"That was the best sex I've ever had." I look away trying to avoid his facial expression.
He brings my face back and kisses me softly.
"No girl has ever said that to me." I look at him in shock.
"Really? Not one girl?" He shakes his head.
"Well usually it's a 'I've had better' or a 'that was fun'. Never has one girl said I was the best ever." I see the seriousness in his eyes and notice he's not kidding.
"Listen Niall, I've had sex before, but even when I first had it that moment doesn't compare to this one." A smile runs across his face.
He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in closer. He kisses me again and I run my fingers through his hair, I slightly tug at it and it earns me a moan from Niall. He slowly pulls away and brings his hand to my face and caresses my cheek with his thumb.
"Be my girlfriend?" Niall tells me abruptly.
I look at him in shock and I bring my hand to his face and slowly run my fingers through his hair. Do I want to be his girlfriend? Can I handle this Irish manchild? Does he like me? Of course he does, I never think negative about these things. I'm not one to be insecure, my motto for insecurity is 'If you don't like me, go fuck yourself'.
I answer his question with a question "Just one thing; How did the sex feel to you?"
"Honestly, it was the best I've had in years. Usually moments like these mean nothing to me any more, but this time it was like I was a virgin all over again." I smile at his answer and peck his lips one more time.
"Yes. I'll be your girlfriend." I tell him.
His smile grows bigger and he laughs a bit. I smile back and bring his face closer to mine he lays his hands on my waist and fills in the gap in between us. I smile in our kiss and I give my tongue to Niall and he gives me his. Our make out session goes on until we both pull back for air. We try to catch our breaths and I lay my head on his chest and feel his perfectly toned chest and abs. Niall traces circles on my hips and kisses the top of my head. He reaches over to my nightstand and grabs the tv remote. He turns on my tv and changes channels constantly. My tv faces my bed and is hung up on the wall.
"Babe stop changing the channels, you're giving me a headache." I slap his hand and the remote falls out of his hand.
He chuckles at my action and climbs over me to grab his phone. He scrolls through it and moves it upwards more.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"I'm gonna take an after sex selfie and send it to my lads." I slap his chest and sit up.
"The fuck you are!" I yell.
"Calm down they won't show anyone."
"How do you know that?!" His friends could make me the town slut for all I know.
"Well first I'm only going to send it to my 4 best lads and second if they do show anyone I'll kill them." He says the last reason in a serious tine and I shrug to his answer.
Niall makes a surprised face and I do the same except with my eyes wide, mouth open, and my hand covering my mouth. When we hear the snapping noise we look at the photo together and laugh at how stupid we look.
"Do you want to use this one?" He asks, I nod and carefully pay attention to his actions.
I see him enter a group chat with 4 other people and he sends the photo. He gets one response from someone named Louis asking him to show him more of me. Thank God I was covering my boobs with my blanket. Another pops up from someone named Zayn asking who I was and how I was. Someone named Harry asks for the recording of me and Niall doing it. I scoff and finally a decent one from a Liam shows up, he asks if I was in agreement with him showing them the picture. Niall and I laugh at all the responses "Look this Liam guy seems to be the nicest out of all of you." I say and I take his phone and tap his name to call him.
Niall doesn't seem to mind and resumes to watch tv.
"Niall, please tell me she's not a hooker."
"Umm no SHE'S not." I emphasize the 'she' part. and Niall giggles. I slap his chest and he clears his throat.
"Dear God I'm so sorry. I meant no disrespect Miss." His tone sounds sincere and apologetic.
"It's fine, thank you for apologizing and being the only one who didn't send a pervy text."
"Yea, my uh friends can be a hand full." He chuckles.
"Tell me about it." I look over at Niall.
"Well I hope you and Niall used protection." I giggle as Niall takes his phone back.
"Not funny Liam, do you honestly think that low if me?" He shouts into his phone.
I go back to laying on him and I cover us more with my blanket. He continues to talk with Liam "No she's my next door neighbor." He retorts.
"Yes I'm still in her bed.... Because I don't want to go home...... Yes she's now my girlfriend, so tell Louis and Harry to fuck off or I'll beat the shit out of them again."
Niall pulls me in tighter after he says that last sentence and kisses my head again. I love a man who stands up for his woman.
".... No, none of you can come over." I lean in closer and kiss his neck and begin to suck on his neck. He rubs my back and I leave a love bite on his neck. I move to another spot on his neck and suck again.
"Yeah. Hey Liam I have to go.... For round two." He throws his phone on the ground and puts one hand on my ass and another on the back of my head. He uses his hand to force my lips into his and I moan again.
"Yeah, you like it rough don't you baby?" Niall asks sexually.
I nod and kiss him again "Say it." He says sternly.
"I like it rough." I say breathless.
He moans and asks for another condom, I groan and get up to get another one. I come back and lay down next to him again. He slips it on and lifts up my leg that's on top of my other one. He shoves it in and gasp again, he thrusts in and I arch my back in pleasure. Niall uses his other hand to support my back and thrusts hard and slow this time. I moan louder and louder after each thrust, Niall lets out a loud moan as well. I grab his shoulders for support and slightly dig my nails into his skin. He moans louder, thrusting hard but yet slow and gentle, I move my hips to match his thrusts.
I scream and cover myself more when I hear a voice. I wrap my arms around his neck and hide my face in his neck. He covers us both with the blanket and tries to calm me down since he can feel me shaking in his arms "Shhh, it's okay baby. I'm so sorry these arseholes came by unexpectedly."
I hear the door open and footsteps walk in, I continue to cower in his arms. Oh my goodness I'm so embarrassed they probably heard me and Niall moaning.
"What the fuck!?" Niall yells.
"I wanted to see this in person."
"I wanted to see her naked."
"I wanted to see if you actually fucked your new next door neighbor."
"I was dragged here against my will!" Someone yells from the living room. I think it's Liam, I mean I barely had a conversation with him but I think that's his voice.
"So you decided to barge in while we were busy!" Niall yells again.
"Pretty much." Three of them say in unison.
"And may I add this one is a keeper. You got a screamer, way to go Nialler."
I finally decide to stop cowering and speak up.
"The screamer wants you all to get the fuck out!!" I look over at them.
They give me each a creepy smile "Now!!" I scream and they each listen and leave one by one.
I look at Niall with a mad face and he sticks his bottom lip out.
"No. We are not finishing." I get up and quickly lock my door.
I go over and put on a new bra, underwear, shirt, and shorts. Instead of slippers I slip on some black socks that reach up to my shins. I look back and Niall already put his clothes back on. We walk hand in hand downstairs where the 4 cock blockers are waiting. They take up both the couches and all that's left is an armchair for one. Niall sits and I sit down on the side of it.
"Well Elena, this is Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam." They each stand and extend their hands. Do they actually think I'm going to shake their hands.
I stand and go over to Liam and shake his hand and kiss both his cheeks. Back in my neighborhood in Brazil this is how you showed either gratitude or great respect to someone. I go back to sit on Niall's lap and they all look at me confused.
"That's how you show respect to someone back in my home country. I think you can put the pieces together." I wanted them to know that I didn't like them, except Liam he seems like a true gentleman.
"What about me?" Niall asks with his arms out.
"I let you fuck me twice. How much more respect do you want?" I ask sarcastically.
Everyone looks at me in bewilderment and total awe. The guys bust out laughing and Niall smiles at me "I think I'm in love." He says out loud and I bust out laughing.
I hug him and peck his lips. He embraces me and kisses my forehead.
"So Elena, why did you move to Ireland?" Liam asks.
"My dad needed to find a job."
I think that's what my backstory was. I'm not so sure at this point. I've had no time to rehearse with Niall always around.
"So you moved to Ireland?" Louis asks.
"Well it was either here or Antarctica." I say in annoyance.
Those were the choices when Rose, Rudy, and I were first enlisted in the program. They look at me with confusion.
"My dad told me he needed a new job. So he let me choose, move to Antarctica so he works as a snow plower, or move to Ireland and work as a firefighter." I shrug my shoulders.
"Well thank you for choosing Ireland." Niall says as he kisses my lips.
"Well thank your dad for bringing you over to meet us." I tell him and kiss him back.
"Us?" Harry asks.
"I live with my dad and aunt."
"What about your m-" Niall cuts off Zayn by throwing a pillow at him.
"It's okay babe, I don't mind." I look over to the boys "I'm adopted and the only family I've ever known have been John, my dad, and Bianca, my aunt."
The guys look at me for a bit and change the subject.
"So you're also going to North Mullingar?" Liam asks.
I nod "So are we!" They all say together.
"Oh God." I say.
Now I'm going to be attending a school with these guys and they know I've fucked Niall. I'm so gonna be blackmailed.

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