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7. Chapter6

I stomp over to that blonde's house and ignore Rose and Victoria's yelling. I pound my fist onto his door and wait for an answer. I'm going to pummel that Irish bastard for kissing my sister.
"Umm Hi?" He answers.
"Is your dad or brother home?" I ask, I don't want his dad to sue me for this.
"Great." I say while I grab his hoodie's collar and pin him to his exterior wall.
"What the fuck gives you the right to kiss her right after she almost died?!"
His feet are dangling a foot off the floor right now. I look into his piece of shit eyes and don't find a speck of fear. What a cocky ass motherfucker. Instead of explaining himself he kicks me in between my legs and I let him drop as I groan in pain. When I look up at him he uppercuts me and sends me falling backwards. Damn this kid can fight!
"Stop!" I hear Victoria yell.
I stand up and look back at her "Stay out of this!"
I take off my leather jacket and crack my knuckles. I first punch his stomach and then his face. He falls down and I see blood flow down his nose. Before I could finish him Victoria jumps on my back and wraps one arm around my neck. I try to pry her arms and legs off but it ends up tightening her grip on me. I've taught her well. Maybe too well. I can feel my face heat up and my lungs losing air.
"Come on Rudy. We both know you have to breathe sometime." Vicky whispers.
I tap her arm and she releases her grip on me. I cough and try to bring up my heart rate. Victoria kneels down to Niall and puts her hand on his head. He groans and slowly opens his eyes "Hey beautiful. Your dad seems upset." She giggles and helps him up.
I walk over to them and help him up and back to his house.
I look at Rudy in shock when I see him help Niall up. We both walk him back to his house and sit him down on his couch. I go to his kitchen and grab paper towels for his nose. I take one and carefully clean the blood off his face. When I reach his nose I notice it's barely bent to the left. I outline his nose with my thumb and when I reach a certain bump Niall groans.
"His nose is slightly broken." I tell Rudy.
"Do it." Rudy says back.
I nod and look Niall in his eyes "I'm gonna realign your nose. Don't yell too loud."
I carefully fixate my fingers on his nose and quickly snap it back in place. He grits his teeth and writhes in pain.
"There, now don't put pressure on or blow your nose for about 4 weeks, and be careful when you sneeze."
He nods his head and we all sit in awkward silence for a couple of seconds.
"I'm sorry." We say in unison.
We all look at each other weirdly and I decide to go first.
"I'm sorry for my DAD'S STUPID BEHAVIOR." I emphasize the last words and stare at Rudy.
"I'm sorry for kicking and punching you." Niall tells Rudy.
"And I'm sorry for pinning you to the wall and breaking your nose." Rudy tells Niall.
We all accept apologies and I stop everyone for my last apology.
"Wait, I still have one more thing to apologize for."
"What?" Rudy and Niall both ask me.
"I'm sorry for lying to you." I look at Rudy and he quirks his eyebrow me.
"About?" Rudy asks.
"The kiss." I now look over to Niall "It did mean something to me."
Niall grins a bit and I look over at Rudy who is surprisingly calm.
"Did it mean anything to him?" Rudy asks.
"I don't thin-" My sentence is cut off by Niall saying the complete opposite of my answer.
"Yeah." Niall looks at me "It did."
We both gaze into each other's eyes and smile at each other. Oh God I love his big blue eyes so much. It's like looking at the ocean, and that smile could keep me going for days on end.
" Well then, from a father's perspective I should probably stop whatever's happening here." He gestures at our staring session.
He sighs in defeat "But, then that's gonna start up a whole Romeo and Juliet bullshit. And nobody wants that again. So instead I'm gonna do this; Elena tell him to put a rubber on it and Niall if you break her heart I break you, your house, and your life." Rudy then smiles at us both and leaves us alone.
"Well that's one way to get your dad's blessing." Niall says.
I giggle and lean in to kiss him. When I do he winces a bit "Sorry, forgot about that. Here let me help you to your bed." I move his arm over to my shoulder and help him off the couch. I carefully lead him up the stairs and I examine the pictures on the wall. Aww it's baby Niall, oh look it's his whole family, and him holding up a violin.
"This way beautiful." Niall points to the last door on the left.
I nod and open the door to reveal his room. It was blue with an Irish flag hung on the wall. He had a queen sized bed and clothes and candy wrappers on the floor. I carefully laid him down on his bed and when I look to my left I see the notorious window.
"Wow, this is a good angle of my bed." I say as I sit down on the rolling chair he has placed.
"Umm isn't this the chair I saw you in this morning?" I asks fearfully.
"Yup. Haven't moved it or cleaned it."
"Ewww, ewww." I stand up and go over to one part of his wall that just has guitars hanging from it.
I look at the light brown acoustic one and take it down. I strap it around my shoulders and strum it. I smile at how well the sound quality is.
"You play?" Niall asks.
I shrug my shoulders and play the beginning chords of I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.
"Usually people sing when they play a song." Niall says.
"I can't sing." I tell Niall. I have a major case of stage fright.
"Bullshit, I heard you sing that song yesterday."
"I don't like to sing in front of people."
"Not even your boyfriend?"
What?! Did Niall just say he was my boyfriend? I do want to be with him. Don't I? Yes, he even said he liked kissing me.
"Especially my boyfriend." I say back.
"Ahh, so you do want me."
"I went along with what you were saying."
"Okay." He says with a sarcastic tone "Get over here." Niall tells me.
I hang his guitar back up and go over to his bed. I lay down next to him and look into his sapphire eyes. I smile at him and Niall smiles back. I carefully lean in and peck his lips "Is that all I get? I was beaten up by your dad?"
I giggle and move my body so that I'm hovering over him. I lick my lips and begin to leave small kisses on his neck. Niall lays his hands on my hips and starts to dry hump me. I move my hips to sync them with Niall's.
We both start to breathe heavily and I sit up "I have to go." I tell him.
Niall sighs "Fine. But you'll owe me later."
He puts his hands on my ass and squeezes it I smile at him and give him one last kiss on his forehead. I get off of him and head downstairs. When I reach the living room and catch Greg walking through the door. He looks at me in surprise and I smile like an idiot.
"Uh, hello there?" He says in an unsure tone.
"Oh, hi Greg. I uh just came to visit Niall." I nonchalantly try to make my way to the door trying to avoid a conversation.
"Ummm okay then."
"Well I'll see you soon." I wave goodbye and closed the door behind me.
That was too close, what was I supposed to say? I'm here because my dad broke your brother's nose. I walk back to my house and open the door. When I walk to the kitchen I see my siblings and Roy.
"Hey Roy." I tell him as I go over to the barstool and take a seat.
"He's taking you back to school shopping." Rose says.
"When does school start here?" I ask.
"3 days." I'm in shock at how much time I have to get ready for a different school and Niall at that new school.
"But it's the middle of summer?" I say.
"In Los Angeles, not Mullingar." Roy responds.
"Fine let's go." I say in annoyance.

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