You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


6. Chapter5

Victoria's P.O.V
Niall lifts me up to the counter and begins to kiss me. He rubs his tongue on my bottom lip asking for an entrance. I let in his tongue and I give him my tongue back. He puts both of his hands on my thighs and pulls them apart. He kisses down my chin to my neck, I moan and he slips off my shirt and my bra.
I take off his muscle shirt, and run my hands up and down his toned chest. I trace the outline of the tattoo on his bicep as Niall leaves small kisses on my breast and licks my nipple.
"N-Niall." I say with a moan at the end.
He uses his tongue and licks his way down to my waist. He unbuttons my jeans and takes them off, along with my underwear. There I am sitting on the counter naked with Niall's face in between my legs. He licks my clit as if trying to get a taste first. I moan again and hold on to his hair, Niall sticks his tongue in deeper and wiggles it in. I moan louder and tug on his hair, I lay my head back and arch my back. I thrust my hips to the rhythm of his tongue.
"Niall I'm I'm-"
I wake up to my boobs hard and my panties soaked "Eeewww, I don't know what's worse; having a wet dream about Niall or ruining my sheets."
I get out of bed and my jaw almost hits the floor to what I see out my window. Niall fucking Horan sitting on a chair in his room and jerking off to me. His penis is right in his hand and he doesn't stop pumping when he sees me. I quickly shut my curtains on all my windows and change into another pair of pajamas.
I suddenly get the sweet aroma of waffles, what the fuck? No one in this house besides me knows how to make waffles. I make my way downstairs and I hear a woman's voice humming, and it certainly isn't Rose's.
"Usually burglars steal not make waffles." I tell the woman sarcastically.
She screams and begins to threaten me with a spatula "Bitch, you're threatening me in my own home. Put that down before you hurt yourself." I say.
Rudy then comes down only wearing basketball shorts.
"God damn put a shirt on." I tell him in annoyance.
I grab a waffle from one of the plates and begin to munch on it.
"Aren't you going to do something?!" The bitch yells.
"Yeah dad, aren't you going to explain why there's a lady making me breakfast." I tell him as I eat the rest of the food that was on her plate.
"This is Patricia." Rudy says.
"Wait DAD! Since when do you have a daughter! And stop eating my food!" She slaps the waffle out of my hand.
"I know you didn't just do that. Bitch, this is my food. I will drag your a-" Rudy coughs out loud as in telling me to shut up.
I scoff and take the plate out of the lady's hands,I bring it with me to the table and continue eating it.
"So dad, I guess you found a place to buy hookers. What was her rate?" I ask with a small giggle at the end.
Rose emerges from the stairs and slaps Rudy upside his head. "Put a shirt on, other people live in this house."
"Jealous?" Rudy says while he flexes.
"What are you talking about I got a some muscles too. I will take my shirt off too." Rose says.
"No! I'm eating, and I'd like to keep it in my stomach not the floor." I tell her.
She giggles and takes Rudy's plate and eats it.
"Okay so you have a kid and another in the oven?" The bitch asks.
"Well I'm going to leave this awkward situation." I say as I leave to the backyard.
I breathe in the morning Irish air and sit down on one of the pool chairs. After a couple of minutes I take off my pajamas and leave myself in my underwear and bra. Looks the same as a bikini. Right before I was going to dive in I hear a woman yell and a body pushes me into the pool.
When I open my eyes underwater I see it's the bitch who pushed me in.
"You little bitch. Calling me a hooker." She says trying not to make Rudy and Rose hear her.
"Get off of me you c-" She cuts me off by shoving me underwater.
I try to punch her enough for her to lose her grip. She finally loses her hold on me. I surface my self and try to breathe "Help! She's trying to drown m-" She pushes me under again and I move all around trying to get free.
I can feel myself losing air right before I was a goner I hear another splash and she stops pushing me. I try to swim to the top and I spit out water and cough uncontrollably. I feel someone pull me out and sit me up, my vision is a bit blurry and I'm all out of energy.
"Elena, come on say something. Come on Beautiful!" That is the last sentence I hear before the darkness engulfs me.
I open my eyes and sit up only to fall back down to where I was.
"Fuck, my head." I say in a groan.
I feel someone put their hand on my stomach.
"What the fu-"
"What's this?" I hear Niall ask. He's talking about the scar George gave me.
I grab the blanket that covers my legs and hide the scar.
"Nothing. What are you doing here and why are you wet?"
"I saved you from that bitch that was trying to kill you. You can shower me with gratitude now."
I slap his head and stand up but my knees give out. Niall catches me and helps me lay back down.
"Woah beautiful, just lay down your dad and your aunt will be back with some medication."
"What medication?"
"Pain relievers, vitamins, and a first aid kit. Now back to the scar you're trying to hide from me."
He moves the blanket from my stomach and I now have a tighter grip on the blanket.
"I'm not hiding it, I just don't want you to interrogate me about it." I stand up while still covering myself with the blanket.
I make my way upstairs and go to my room. I unhook my bra and throw it in a laundry basket. Niall barges into my room and I immediately cover my boobs.
"It's called privacy! Do they not have that here in Ireland!?"
"Alright calm down beautiful." He says it so calmly that it creeps me out.
He sits down on my armchair and waits.
"I'm not giving you a strip tease."
"I would lay on your bed but that's still wet."
"What the fuck are y-"
"You know from when you had that wet dream about me." He says it in a cocky voice.
"I didn't fucking dream about you, okay."
"Oh yeah, N-Niall oh, oh, ah, Niall." He mocks all the sex sounds I was making and I look at him eyes wide.
"Wait, how do you know how I sounded exactly?"
"Because I could hear you from my room."
"Whatever you say sugar tits."
"Perv." I roll my eyes and go to my closet. I tense up when Niall puts his hands on my ass and squeezes it.
"Let me make your dream come true." He whispers into my ear as he kisses up to my shoulder and to my neck. I shove him away but he is too strong and continues with me.
Niall moves his hands up my body and to my boobs, he cups them both and starts messaging them. I lay my hands on top of his and moan. He turns me around and picks me up by my legs. He kisses me as he walks us over to my bed, he lays us both down while not breaking the connection of our lips. He hovers on top of me and kisses my breasts and puts his mouth on my nipple.
"N-Niall." I moan.
"There we go beautiful."
He kisses his way down to my panties and rips them off. I moan again and he looks up at me and smiles. He licks me and I gasp at how it feels way better in real life. He sticks his tongue in deeper and lets it linger all throughout my vagina.
I hold on to his hair and moan. I start to tug at it once I begin to reach my climax.
"Niall, I'm I'm-"
"Go ahead beautiful, I want to taste you."
I arch my back and lay my head back in pleasure. I hear Niall slurp up all my fluids "Mmm, you taste better than I thought."
I giggle at his comment and he comes back up to kiss me. I look down at his shorts and he's showing a full erection right now. I slide my hand down from his abs to his shorts. I slip my hand in "Woah Beautiful, what ar-" I shut him up by kissing him passionately.
I begin to pump up and down with my hand and Niall moans in between our kiss. I speed up my hand and Niall kisses me rougher.
"Oh beautiful."
Niall finally ejaculates into my hand and I bring my hand back up.
"Just taste it." Niall says.
"I don't swallow." I tell him as I give him one last kiss and climb over him to grab my towel and wipe it off my hand.
I go over to my drawers and take out a new underwear and bra. Then I put on a loose blouse and some high waisted short shorts.
I go over to Niall and slap his abs "Get up. Or else my dad and aunt are going to start to get curious."
Niall grabs my hand and pulls me back to his lap and kisses me.
"Let them be curious." He says.
I smile and kiss him back "Hey we're-" Rose walks in on me on Niall's lap and kissing him. Her eyes widen and I jump off of his lap and run over to Rose.
"Ro-Bianca, please don't tell John." She shakes her head at me and walks away.
I hold my head with my hands and pace around the room.
"No, no, no, no, no. I'm so dead. Oh God why am I so stupid." I mumble to myself.
Niall runs his fingers through his hair and seems calmer than me.
"What am I going to do?"
"Just tell them the truth." Niall responds.
"Oh thanks Niall. Hey dad Niall gave me oral sex and I gave him handjob, so what's for lunch?" I say sarcastically.
"I meant tell them you want to be with me."
"I'll just tell them the kiss meant nothing to me. We just got caught up in the moment is all."
"Only if that's the truth."
I look over at Niall and I can see a bit of sadness in his face.
"Are you sad?"
"Nope. Like you said, it meant nothing to you."
"Niall if you only knew my past, then you would understand."
"What do you mea-. Elena do they abuse you?" Niall asks with a concerned tone.
"No you idiot, I'll tell you later. For now just go with it." I lead him downstairs to where Rudy and Rose are sorting all the medicine they brought back.
Rudy comes up to Niall and looks down at him. Oh no, I have seen him fight many times even before he was enlisted. All those guys end up knocked out with broken bones. He extends his hand and Niall shakes it.
"Thank you Niall, for saving my daughter."
"It was nothing. Well I better be heading home now." Niall heads to the door and looks back "See ya Elena."
Oh my God he called me by my name, I really fucked up.
"Look at that he does know your name." Rudy teases.
We all walk back to the kitchen and Rose mouths 'Tell him' to me. I shake my head and Rudy hands me a pill and a glass of water.
"What's this?" I ask.
"Pain reliever." Rudy answers.
I swallow it and begin to think if I should tell him. If I tell him things won't be tense between us, but they will be tense between him and Niall. Or Rudy could go rogue like the time I told him George cut me. Should I go with Niall's advice and just say I like him. Do I like him? Of course not, he's just like George. Right? But we did just have that moment. He seduced me that's what happened, it meant nothing. Did it?
"Hey?! What's up with you?" Rudy breaks my train of thought.
"I kissed Niall." I say under my breath.
"I heard nothing you just said kid."
"I kissed Niall." I say louder.
I look up and Rudy's smile fades away as his hands turn into fists and veins pop out of his neck.
"You what?" He says in mad but calm tone.
"I kissed Niall. It meant nothing to me."
"Did it mean nothing to him?" He asks still furious.
"I don't know."
"Well I'll go find out." Rudy heads to the door and I grab his hand.
"No, you'll just make things worse!" He shakes me off and goes over to Niall's house.

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