You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


5. Chapter4

I walk into the kitchen and get started with dinner. I look through the fridge and look for anything to cook. I find 2 whole headless chickens and potatoes. Well then, baked chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I finish seasoning the chicken and peeling the potatoes. When everything is on the heat I begin to think about dessert. Brownies!
I dump the ingredients into a bowl and mix it up. I then pour it into two silver pans and slide it into the oven. Three hours to spare. I head into my room and see the backyard. A fucking pool, thank you Jesus. I look through my suitcase and find a two piece bikini. It was all black and the top was two patches of fabric and laces. The bottom looked like a normal pair of underwear.
I began to look through the whole suit case, WTF!, was all I was thinking. My old and normal clothes were nowhere to be seen. They literally wanted me to be a total different person, my usual outfits consisted of a normal t-shirt and skinny jeans. Now they want me wearing loose colorful blouses and short shorts. I unpacked all the clothes and neatly placed them in their right area. I found a small make up bag "Fuck no, this is where I draw the line. I am not painting my fucking face."
I've always hated make up especially when I was younger, girls in Brazil always had cake faces. My mother and I made a pact to never wear make up, I wouldn't put on Chapstick because I thought that would be cheating. I unzip the bag and sigh in relief when I don't find make up. Instead it had my epi pens, allergic to nuts, a back up pear of glasses, more contact lenses, and a brush. I put it on top of my dresser and go back to my bikini.
I took off my clothes and was left with just my bra and underwear. I faced the wall and unhooked my bra. Right after it was off I used my arm to cover up my boobs. Before I could put my top on my phone starts vibrating, the caller ID reads: Sexiest Irish Ever. Oh God how did he pit his number on my phone.
"Yes Sexiest Irish Ever."
"Ha, I love it when you call me that."
"What do you want?"
"I want you to stop teasing me and just turn around."
I turn around to my double window and who's blonde fucking hair do I see peeping at me through his window.
"Fucking Perv!"
"Yeah, yeah, just start doing some jumping jacks will ya beautiful."
I hang up the phone and move to where he can't see me. When I finished changing I grabbed my towel, phone, speaker, and sunglasses. I ran down the steps and made my way to the backyard. I laid all my things down and began to play 'Am I Wrong' by Nico and Vinz.
I put on my sunglasses and just enjoyed the sun.
"Hey beautiful, shouldn't you be cooking my dinner?" Niall says standing behind his fence.
I stick up my middle finger and keep ignoring him.
"Anyways, what does that Chinese stuff say on your back?" He asks.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" I yell back as he hops over the fence.
"When you were changing I saw your tattoo, the one on your back, what does it say?" He's referring to my henna tattoo on my back.
It's Rudy's name translated into Chinese characters. I got it shortly before I broke up with George. He went to get my name tattooed on his wrist, but I was smart and got two henna tattoos. I told him the Chinese characters spelled out his name, thank God he didn't know Chinese. I got another one of a Rose ,obviously for my sister, on the lower part of my right arm.
"Learn Chinese and you'll know." I respond.
Right when my tan was coming in Niall decides to douse me with pool water. I gasp and see my speakers begin to malfunction.
"Fuck you Horan!"
"Oh beautiful, you hurt my feelings." I walk over to him and yell in his face.
"Just stop with this bullshit! I am not going to fuck you nor will I ever for as long as I live! So just stop trying to see me naked, stop trying to make me kiss you, and finally stop calling me beaut-" My monologue is cut off by Niall slamming his lips to mine.
I immediately push him off of me. Which causes him to fall into the deep end of the pool. He starts splashing around and yelling at the top of his lungs. I call bullshit and watch him struggle.
"Elena! Please!" I hear him yell.
He never calls me by my name. Is he really drowning? No, he's just trying to get at me. Isn't he? After a couple of seconds Niall stops struggling and sinks. Oh my God, I have to save him. I jump in and swim to the bottom of the pool and pull him up with me. I drag him out and begin mouth to mouth. I pump on his chest and breathe in, pump and breathe, and pump and breathe. When I breathed into him I felt him wrap his arms around my neck and stick his tongue into my mouth. I squealed and put all my force into pushing him off but he was way stronger than me.
Oh wow, his lips were so soft they felt like nothing I have ever kissed before. All of George's kisses combined were nowhere near this one kiss from Niall. Am I actually giving Niall tongue back? When I grasp reality I pull myself off of Niall. He looks at me and smiles "I knew you wanted me." He lays on his back and I slam my fist on his penis. He groans and sits up, I get behind him and push him back into the pool.
"Wow Niall, look how fast you learned to swim." I say as I wipe the taste of him out of my mouth and walk away.
"Aww come on Beautiful, I'm sorry I tricked you, but it was the only way to show you how good I kiss!"
I grab my towel, my phone, and went back to my room. I looked out my window and saw Niall getting out of the pool. He looks up and notices me, he motions to his package and uses his hand to pump the air. I close the curtains and change so I can get dinner ready.
I open the door and greet our three guests. I walk everyone over to the table and show them my masterpiece. I see Niall from the corner of my eye attempting to embrace me, I quickly evade him and go sit down. Rudy sits to my left and Niall quickly sat at my right. Oh God.
Rudy held my hand and Rose's so that we could say Grace. We all said our prayer and I felt someone grab my other hand. I ignored it because I already knew who it was. When we were done all three of us said Amen.
"Amen." I look over and Niall is still holding up my hand.
I take my hand back and begin to eat my food.
"Didn't know you were so religious beautiful." I ignore him once more, this time not making eye contact at all.
I can see his facial expression in my peripheral vision.
"Something wrong?" Niall asks.
Hmm let me think, maybe it's that you fucking wanted to see me shirtless, you were peeping at me through your window, ruined my speakers, or that you fucking pretended to die so you could tongue me? Instead of saying any of that I sparred the commotion by continuing to ignore his existence.
"Come on beautiful, not even a fuck you Horan."
He lays his hand on my thigh and I flip my fork around and stab his hand. Not enough for stitches but enough to leave a mark. He grits his teeth through the pain and takes his hand back.
Rudy gives me a 'so proud' smile and I smile back.
"Alright beautiful, you leave me no choice." He grabs his drink and takes a sip.
He then drops the whole cup on his pants. He yelps a bit before standing up, a small giggle escapes my mouth.
"Where's your bathroom?" He asks.
"Elena show him to the bathroom." Rose says.
"But why m-" My whine is cut off by Rose kicking my shin from underneath the table.
I quietly squealed and showed Niall to the bathroom. I lead him to the second door down the hallway upstairs.
"So here you can dry your-" Niall shuts me up by grabbing my face and attacking my lips.
I push him away and he hits the wall.
"Stop. Just stop Niall. I don't need this again." I walk away only to be pulled back by my wrists.
He shoves me into the bathroom and locks the door behind him. I go over to him and slap him straight across his face. He looks back at me and smiles "I love a woman who can fight."
He grabs my wrists and pins me to the wall again "So what was your problem at dinner." He asks.
"You. You're the problem, stop doing this shit and stop trying to see me naked."
He attacks my neck again "Oh beautiful, I love the taste of your skin."
I continue to struggle to get free but it just tightens his grip on my wrists. I finally step as hard as I can on his foot and head-butt him when looks at me. He loses his balance and falls on the toilet "Get up. We have to go back to dinner."
He stands up and we head back to the table. He sits down to eat the rest of his food and I go over to grab the brownies. I bring them back to the table and everyone devours the pans. I on the other hand just stick with my lemonade.
"What's wrong El?" Rudy asks.
I shake my head "Just have a small headache." From slamming my forehead into Niall's.
After we all finished I collected the plates and took them to the sink. I hear footsteps and I hoping for it to be Rudy so I could talk to him. Instead I got Niall. He rolls up his sleeves "Want some help?"
I shrug my shoulders and resume to clean. He scoffs and takes his phone out and begins to text.
"Do you have the new waterproof phone?" I ask.
"No wh-"
I grab his phone and drop in the sink.
"You bitch!" Niall yells.
Time to act. I frantically pick it up and begin my revenge.
"I-I am so sorry Niall. How did you drop it in?" I ask innocently.
"What the fuck do you mean? You dropped it!"
"Niall, that is no way to speak to a lady." His father tells him.
"No he's right. I-I saw it fall and tried to catch it." My voice becomes shaky, I am so good at this.
"But my hands were too soapy. I'll pay for a new one Mr. Horan I promise." I look down in shame and use my hair to cover my smirk.
"No it's alright Elena, it'll be good to see Niall without his phone for once." Niall's dad thanks us for the meal and I shake his and Greg's hand.
When it came to Niall I had to continue to make it real.
"Sorry about your phone." I said with a smirk. He chuckled and bit his bottom lip at me again. Really still, after all that, and still.
When I close the door behind them Rudy picks me up and puts over his shoulder.
"That was the best scheme you pulled all year!" Rudy yells.

Niall's P. O. V.
Wow, she doesn't know that I want her even more now that all that happened. She was amazing, all I want in a girl and more. I gotta say the whole phone thing was clever, especially her acting. This was the second time she got me, first time in her room. I actually thought she was coming on to me, but when she started laughing something in me snapped and I pinned her to the wall.
"So Niall, what are you going to do about your phone?" My dad asks me.
"I'll just take it to Zayn, he'll fix it up in no time." I responded.
When we reached the house, I headed upstairs and decided to enjoy another peep show. When I looked out my window and into hers all I say was her with her head out the window sill. She was resting her head on her hand and her arms on the window.
I wonder what she's saying, I see her lips moving but I can't hear when I'm twenty feet away from her. That's when I remember, when she left me alone in her room I put my number in her phone and I bugged it. I go over to my desk and open up my laptop, I typed in her number and began bypassing firewalls so that I could listen to what she was saying.
She was singing, like really good actually, I turned up the volume on her phone's mic to try to decipher what she was singing.

Well, open up your mind and see like me,
Open up your plans and damn you're free.
Look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, love.
Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing, we're just one big family
And it's our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved
So I won't hesitate
No more, no more.
It cannot wait,
I'm sure.
There's no need to complicate.
Our time is short.
This is our fate,
I'm yours

She sighs loudly "Why are you such an asshole Niall? That's what I hate about you and yet it's also what turns me on. Ahh, fuck you Niall Horan, out of all the blondes in Ireland I had to live next to the hot one."
Did she just admit she likes me and that I'm hot.

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