You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


4. chapter3

The car comes to a stop and I get out of the car and admire my new house. The exterior walls looked to be made of bricks the roof was black. There were hedges that lead you towards the door. A porch for some relaxing. The front yard was covered with green grass and beautiful roses. The one thing I do not like about it is that it's 2 stories, which means stairs.
Stairs are one of my fears, every horror movie has a person running up the stairs whose leg is grabbed by the antagonist. Also if you're running down the stairs you fall or it slows you down and you die faster. Obviously I watch too much TV.
Roy leads us inside and my jaw instantly drops at the sight of all the new and most expensive furniture in the house. I see the living room and I am overwhelmed at seeing the 60 inch flat screen TV. Before I could sit on the couch and spend the rest of my new life watching TV my brother grabs my hoodie's hood and drags me to the kitchen.
Roy stands next to the island countertop and lays down 3 rectangular envelopes. Each of them have one of our names on it.
"What's this?" I ask while opening my envelope.
"Your new lives."
We all take out the papers that are inside they have our new names, occupations, and backstory. Roy gives us each a new phone and a house key. I read over my papers, we are no longer The Serrano kids we are now The Carrillo family.
Rudy is now my adoptive father (John Carrillo) and Rose is my aunt (Bianca Carrillo). Apparently I (Elena Carrillo) have been an orphan since birth and Rudy adopted me when I was 12. At least Rudy and Rose are still siblings it would be awkward if they had to be my parents. I go to the high school that is about a mile away, Rudy works at the fire department across town, and Rose still works as a 2nd grade teacher at the nearby elementary school.
"Okay wherever you three are someone will be watching just in case." Roy says.
"Well isn't that comforting." I say sarcastically.
Before any of us could rehearse our backstories we hear a knock on our door. All of us except Roy jump at the sound. Roy gestures for us to answer the door. No one dares to move but I just roll my eyes and go for the door.
When I open the door I see a middle aged man with what appears to be his 2 sons. One of them looks to be in his 20's. The other looks to be about my age with blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt that shows off his muscles and his tattoos.
"Oh, hello there. We are the Horans, your next door neighbors."
"Hello, I'm Elena Carrillo. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Horan." I try to sound as polite as possible. I shake his hand and his son's as they introduce themselves.
"I'm Greg." The older one says.
"I'm Niall." The cute.. I mean the blonde one says.
"Oh, how rude of me, please come in. My father and my aunt are in the kitchen to the left."
They walk in one by one and I smile at each of them. When it comes to Niall he stops in front of me and examines my body up and down. He then winks at me.
"Umm something wrong?" I ask as he shakes his head and continues to let his eyes linger.
"I don't see anything wrong with you beautiful." He says. Wow that's his pick up line.
"Yea my eyes are up here perv." I gesture to my face.
When I walk back to the kitchen I see Rudy sharing army stories with Greg and his dad. I walk to one of the cupboards and see that it is fully stalked with tea and cookies.
"Would any of you like some tea?" I ask and Rudy and Rose look at me with a 'what the fuck' face.
"Oh, We don't want to be a bother.." Mr. Horan trails off before I cut in.
"Please Mr. Horan."
All three of them nod and I smile at them, except for Niall who winks again. I roll my eyes at him, which earns me a slap upside my head from Rose. I look for a teapot kettle and fill it with water and put it on the stove. I join back into their conversation.
"So Niall, how old are you?" My brother asks and I kick him underneath the counter. He ignores me and continues to interrogate Niall.
"I'm 17." He answers.
"Well what are the odds, so is my Elena. You wouldn't happen to be attending North Mullingar High?"
"I do. Are you going there as well?" He asks making everyone look at me.
"Yes." Is all I can manage to say. Niall bites his bottom lip at me. Gross.
I hear the teapot make a ringing noise. I take out 6 teacups and put one separate teabag into each. I pour in a right amount of water into each and I give them each a cup. They each thank me "Your welcome Mr. Horan, Greg, Niall." I say the last name with annoyance.
I go over to the cupboard and open the box of small cookies and pour them into a bowl.
"Would you like some?" I put down the bowl and Niall shoves 3 cookies simoltaniousely into his mouth. His father nudges him and I let out a small giggle that doesn't go unnoticed by Niall.
When we all finish our tea and cookies I take all the cups and the bowl to the sink.
"Let me help you with that." Niall stands up and takes some of the cups from my arms.
"Uhh, no thanks." I tell him.
"Too late." He says as he takes the cups from my hands.
We put all the dishes in the sink and we begin to wash them. Every time I look down I can feel Niall staring at me. When we are almost done he soaks his hands in water and flicks some of it to me. I gasp and then I brush my soapy hand against his face, leaving bubbles across his face. He laughs, he has one of those contagious laughs, and cleans himself off "Hey Elena, give Niall a tour." Rose winks at me as she tells me this.
I shake my head and Rose slaps my head again. I give her my famous death glare "Fine. Oh if you weren't pregnant right now...." I whisper yell at her.
"What? Exactly nothing, you wouldn't do shit." She whispers back.
"Don't tempt me sis." I whisper yell and gesture for Niall to follow me.
"Anything you say beautiful." He tells me.
"Don't call me that." I say sternly.
I show him the living room and he is also in awe as he looks at the TV.
"I know right, it's pretty amazing."
I show him the upstairs part of the house and I try to look for my room. While I pretend to show him the others I see which one looks more like it would belong to me. Three rooms later I finally say "And this is my room."
He walks in and looks over the room. I sit down in a chair that is placed next to a desk.
He sits himself down on my bed. Cocky ass motherfucker.
"So is it only you, your dad, and your aunt."
"Where's your mum?"
I look down and try to remember what my file said about my mom. Oh god remember Victoria remember.
"I actually don't know. For as long as I've known it's only been me, John, and Bianca."
"You call your aunt and your dad by their first names?"
Oh god busted, I am so stupid. Quick save your self, but how? I'm so sorry Rudy and Rose looks like we're gonna have to move again.
"Ummm, I was actually... adopted."
Yes! Nice save, now don't let it happen again. Think before you say, although that has never been my strongest suit.
"Oh. When did you get picked?" He asks in a douchebag tone.
"First of all I didn't "get picked" I was adopted. Second, it's none of your fucking business." I make air quotes with his question.
"Ooooh, I like mine feisty." He says as he lays back on my wall.
"I like mine not as assholes." I tell him in annoyance.
"Just admit it already..." He trails off.
"You want me." He puts his hands up and lays his head on them. I decide to have some fun with this kid.
I get up and move my hair to my side "You're right." I say in a sexual tone.
Niall's eyes widened at what I just said. Just the reaction I wanted. I go over and sit next to him gazing into his blue eyes.
"I knew I was." He says in a smug tone.
I lay my hand on his thigh and rub up and down (his thigh not his dick.). Niall twitches at my touch, I try to contain my laughter, I lay my other hand on the side of his head and run fingers through his hair. He lets out a small moan and at this point I'm dying of laughter on the inside. I lick my lips and Niall moves closer to me, I lean in and right before our lips collide I burst out laughing.
"You Irish are so gullible, I swear." I say in between laughter.
Niall looks at me in confusion as I stand up and walk towards my door. I feel Niall spin me around and pin me to the wall. He begins to kiss my neck and I try to slap him but the fucker is pinning me by my wrists. I struggle and move as much as I can. He continues to nibble on my neck until he reaches my sweet spot. I let out a small moan and Niall looks at me with lust in his eyes.
"Moan for me again beautiful." He whispers.
I spit in his face and knee him straight in his family jewels. He groans and releases his grip on my wrists. I move away and put my fists up. He looks at me and chuckles "Look beautiful, just put those down before you-" I cut him off by giving him my best right hook.
He looks back at me and wipes the blood off his mouth. He gives me a creepy lustful smile "If only you knew how much this turns me on." He lunges himself at me and I grab his wrists and pin him to the ground.
"If only you knew how much you turn me off." I whisper in his ear.
When I sit up I see Niall with a wide grin on his face. At first I'm thinking, weirdo, but then I see the position we are in. My legs are on opposite sides of his lap and it literally looks like I'm riding him.
"Enjoy this while it lasts, because it's never going to happen again." I say as I try to get up, but he grips my hips and pulls me back down.
"Well I might as well enjoy this a bit more." I tense up when I feel something prick me.
"Ewww, disgusting. Are you really getting hard from this?" I slap his hands off and get off of him.
I actually begin to laugh at him. He's on the floor and it looks like he has a stick in his pocket.
"Wow, is someone not getting laid anymore?" I say in a baby voice.
He sits up and extends his hand out, expecting me to help him up. I shake my head and make my way downstairs. When I reach the end of the stairs it seems as the Horans are already fixating on leaving. Niall shortly follows behind me and puts his arm over my shoulder. I move it and slap his arm, not playfully.
"Well Elena thank you for everything. I hope to see you in the future."
"Same here Mr. Horan." I say as I shake his and Greg's hand.
"Well then why don't you all join us for dinner tonight?" Rose says and I look at her and mouth the words 'Fuck you' to her.
They all exchange hand shakes with my siblings and Niall, being the cocky ass motherfucker he is, opens his arms and comes closer to me. I stiff arm his hug and shake my head. He moves on by saluting Rudy, the look on his face afterwards priceless, his face turns red and veins in his neck begin to pop out. When he reaches Rose he rubs her belly and Rose glares at him. I grab Rudy's hand and squeeze it tight telling him to 'calm the fuck down'.
"See you tonight beautiful." Niall closes the door behind him.
"Cocky ass motherfucker." All three of us say in unison.
"Great we're all on the same page." Rudy states.
"Do you give me permission to beat the shit out of him?" I ask my siblings.
"Yes." They both say.

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