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18. Chapter17

Victoria's P.O.V
"Oi bebê!" (Hey baby!) I hear a voice call out.
"Mãe?" (Mom?) I call out.
"Abra os olhos do bebê." (Open your eyes baby.) I do as I'm told and when I open my eyes I'm blown away by what I see; my mother and a clear green field if grass behind her. The most blue sky I've ever seen and I run and embrace my mom.
"I missed you so much!" I say through sobs.
"Eu não tenho muito tempo, de modo a ouvir. Rudy não queria dizer o que ele disse para você." (I don't have much time, so listen. Rudy did not mean any of what he said to you.)
I let go of her and I look up at her "Yes he did, he even said so. He was right anyways."
"Você nunca disse isso! Ele ama você e sua irmã mais do que qualquer coisa neste mundo. Seu pai e eu deixar de trabalhar naquele dia, mas que foi assaltado e morto quando o nosso turno terminou." (Don't you ever say that! He loves you and your sister more than anything in this world. Your father and I did leave to work that day, but we were mugged and killed when our shift was over.) She says sternly.
"So, you and Dad are dead." I realize.
Then a breeze of leaves comes over and circles next to my mom, it takes a figure and then turns into my dad. The same as I remembered him, with his big warm smile, and big brown eyes. I wrap my arms around his neck and he picks me up and hugs me. I cry tears of joy as I kiss his cheek over and over again.
"Oi criança, eu senti sua falta." (Hey kid, I missed you.)
"I missed you too Daddy." I tell him.
"Agora, volte e faça as pazes com seus irmãos." (Now, go back and make peace with your siblings.)
"But I don't want to leave you guys again." I whine.
"Você tem que, não é o seu tempo." (You have to it's not your time. ) My mom says as she rubs my back, I finally let go of my dad as I climb off him.
" Nós só queria abraçá-lo e dizer-lhe para dar Niall outra chance. Ele realmente ama você." ( We just wanted to hug you and tell you to give Niall another chance. He really does love you.) My dad tells me.
"Rudy and Rose don't think that." I say.
"A escolha é sua, mas escolher o certo desta vez." (It's your choice, but choose right this time.) My dad says jokingly.
Suddenly another breeze comes and my parents turn into leaves slowly. They give me one last smile before they turn into a trail of leaves in the wind.
"No! Please don't leave me again!" I yell.
Suddenly the wind gets stronger and everything turns dull and gray. I spit and vommit out water as I sit up and use my hands to support myself.
"No!" I choke out "Why did you do that!?" I yell to my savior.
I look behind me and it's Liam.
"Because you tried to kill yourself!"
"No one told your stupid ass to jump in after me!"
"No one told you to jump off the cliff either!"
I move my hand to punch him but I stop when I feel immense pain when I move it "Aahh!" I yell out in pain.
"Don't move your arm, here." Liam takes off his shirt and uses it as a sling for my arm.
He then grabs his dry jacket and covers me with it, I rip it off of me and throw it away "I don't need your chivalry!" I retort.
"I'm just trying to help!" Liam yells.
"You've been more of a burden than helpful." I say.
He grabs his phone from far away and comes back "Niall, I just found her, we're by-" I grab his phone and I throw it as far as I can into the water with my good arm.
"You are so lucky that it's waterproof." He runs back into the water, and I get up and run into the woods.
I run as fast as I can and I can hear Liam calling after me. I run until I find a small cave between two boulders I climb up and into the opening. I stay there and I try to calm down my breathing without making too much noise. I hear footsteps running towards the rocks and I try to stuff myself more into the cave as I see Liam stop in front of the rocks. He looks around and calls out for me again, he begins to walk away and I decide stay here for a bit longer, I put my head down and I rest my eyes.
I wake up and the sun is completely gone, I'm pretty sure Liam is gone. I climb down and I feel that the leaves are dry, I gather some sticks, leaves, and I grab 2 rocks. How am I going to do this? There's no way to start a fire with one hand. I hold the rock in between my legs and I hit it with the one in my hand. I wince at a part of the rock that scratches my leg.
"Need some help?" Niall emerges from the darkness and takes the rocks from my hands.
"How did you find me?" I ask.
"I first found you sleeping up there, but you looked like you really needed it so I left you alone." He states as he sparks the twigs and leaves with his lighter.
I put my hands out and I warm them. Niall takes out a blunt and lights it, he takes a long drag from it and offers it to me. I move my hand to take it, but I stop myself.
"I can't, I've been sober for a year, and I don't want to break that." I explain to him.
He takes his blunt and flicks it into the fire, I look at him in confusion "Weed fucks your brain." He says as he shrugs.
I chuckle as I lay my head on his shoulder.
"Is it true what they say about you?" I ask.
"Depends on what they said." He responds.
"Did you sleep with almost every girl at your school?"
He sighs and rubs the back of his neck "Yeah." He says.
I take my head off of his shoulder "What about you impregnating 4 girls?" I ask, scared of what he'll answer.
"No, that one's not true. I actually had 4 pregnancy scares."
"So, you had sex with me a couple of times now, and you never thought to tell me you've slept with more than 50 girls." I say stubbornly.
"You never asked?" He retorts.
I laugh "Forgive me if that's not the first question I ask the guy I'm going to sleep with." I say as I move away from Niall.
"Look I didn't come here to fight, I came here to apologize for not understanding your story. I also wanted to tell you that if you're not ready to get back together I'll be fine with that." I look at him with confusion, I would've thought he'd fight for me, but this works better.
"Really?" I ask him with a small smile.
"If you love something set it free; if it comes back to you, it's yours, if it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with." He says as if he lives by that code.
"Thank you."
"For what?"
"Giving me a choice, last time I wasn't so lucky." I gesture to the cut on my stomach.
"He did that to you, didn't he?"
"Yup, he always used to hit or slap me, but he never took it that far. Not until that day I dumped him." I tell Niall as I mentally relive that day.
"I would never try to hurt you, I love you." Niall says.
I look at Niall's eyes that glisten from the light of the fire. His smile that's a bit crooked, but adorable in every way.
"Thank you, that means a lot to me." I tell him.
"Still not going to say you love me I see."
"Okay! You want to know the real reason I don't want to say I love you?! It's because the last time I told a guy I loved him, he did this to me!" I stand up, lift my shirt up, and I expose my cut, "How can I ever fucking trust any guy after what that bastard did to me!? He took away my power to trust and love any other guy!" I yell as I feel tears falling down my face.
Niall stands up and embraces me. He apologizes and strokes my hair.
"People say we shouldn't be together
We're too young to know about forever
But I say they don't know what they talking about
Cause this love is only getting stronger
So I don't wanna wait any longer
I just wanna tell the world your mine
They don't know about the things we do
They don't know about the I love you's"
I smile and chuckle at how bad he looks on the outside, but he's just a soft teddy bear inside with a great voice. I hug Niall back and I nuzzle myself into his jacket.
"Come on, let's start walking back to that shack, so your brother and sister know you're alive."
I nod, Niall stomps out the fire, and leads the way. I follow as I shiver at the cold wind, I stop shivering when Niall turns around to check on me. Nothing I hate more than pity. I continue to follow but I'm so tired and hungry, my legs are a little shaky and stiff. I save myself from tripping as I hold on to a nearby tree. I collect myself and continue walking "You alright Victoria?" Niall asks.
"What happened to beautiful?" I playfully ask changing the subject.
Niall laughs and I try to keep up with him. I trip on a rock and I scratch my knee "Shit!" I yell under my breath as I see blood coming out of my scratch. I forget it and I try to catch up to Niall again, soon enough I find myself behind him panting and sweating. Niall turns around and stops, he comes over to me and helps me stand.
"What the fuck happened when I wasn't looking?"
"I don't think I'll be able to walk the whole way back." I tell him.
"You don't have to, get on my back." Niall bends down in front of me and I jump on his back.
I wrap my arms around him as I enjoy the ride. Soon enough I fall asleep on his back.

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