You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


17. chapter16

"Do you understand now?" I take my head out of my hands.
"I still love you Ele-Victoria." I look into his pleading blue eyes.
I ignore everything and I burry my head into his chest as I cry again. He wraps his arms around me and strokes my hair.
"Why do you love me?" I say through the tears.
He lifts my chin up with his finger "Just like I told you on our first date; you're the girl of my dreams." He leans in and every ounce in me is saying to just go for it. But I don't, I move away and Niall looks down in disappointment.
"Yeah, I get it." He responds.
"So, what happened to Harry?" I ask.
"The bullet hit a bone so he'll be in a cast for a couple of months, nothing serious."
I hear a car pulling up and I panic as I frantically stand up "Go, or you won't be as lucky as Harry."
Niall pulls me back by my arm "Just tell me you love me and I'll go."
"I love you, now go." I say quickly.
"No, like you mean it." He says sternly.
"I did."
"Why are you so against saying you love me?"
"Why are you so quick to say you love me?"
He lets me go and sprints into the trees.
"Vicky!" I hear my brother yell, I turn around and he picks me up hugs me tightly.
"Oh my God, don't ever scare me like that again kid."
I hug him back and I look up and Rose is waddling over to us. I giggle at how funny she looks, even though she's only 4 months her belly is very noticeable. When Rudy finally lets me breathe, Rose embraces me, after we all finish hugging and saying we love each other all four of us go inside the house. Rudy and Rose are surprised by James asleep on the couch "Aww, he looks like a young Rudy." Rose states.
"Yeah, it's kind of creepy how similar we look." Rudy says.
"That's not the point, he risked his life for me so he's now welcomed with us anywhere. I told him everything anyways." Everyone's eyes go wide as they try to comprehend what I just said.
"You. What?" Rudy says angrily.
"He had a right to know!" I defend myself, Rudy walks over to me and grips my arms.
"DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUVE JUST DONE!!" He begins to shake me "Do you! You have screwed this whole family! Did you even think how this would affect the rest of us!"
"I did nothing wrong!" I yell back.
"He knows everything! What makes you think he won't blab!" Rudy states.
"I'm sorry alright!" I apologize.
"Fuck you! It's too fucking late, this is what you do, you fuck everything up for me and Rose! It's you who got us into this mess, and it's you who made Mom and Dad leave!" Rudy's words echo in my head.
"Rudy!" Rose yells.
James finally wakes up and he sees how Rudy is holding and me crying. He springs up and pushes Rudy away. I push past him and Rudy as I head for the woods, I sob as I run and I can hear Rose yelling after me. I wipe my eyes and look back to see Rudy running after me.
"Victoria, get back here!" He yells.
"Are you going to apologize!?" I yell as I keep running.
"Fuck no, I was right!" He retorts.
I cry more as I try to run faster, Rudy's way faster than me I need to find a place to hide. I carefully look around as I run, nothing, my train of thought is lost when I hear crashing water nearby. I stop when I reach the end of a cliff "Stop,or I'll jump, I swear I will!" I yell to Rudy, he stops and puts his hands up in surrender.
"No, don't!" He says.
"You are right. This is all my fault!" I yell as I hold my head with my hands. "This is all my fault!"
"Vicky, listen we can fix this, just don't move I'll go to you." He says calmly.
"Don't." I take another step back and I can feel the tip of the cliff.
"Okay, okay. I won't move just don't do this Vicky, it's at least a mile drop straight into water, and there are some rock edges."
"So what you're saying is if I jump, I'm dead?"
"Without a doubt."He responds.
"Okay, I'm sorry I fucked everything up for you and Rose," I say with tears in my eyes " I'm just a mistake! This is all my fault! I'm so sorry Rudy, tell Rose I love her and say hi to my nephew for me." I take another step back.
"No, Vicky please don't!" Tears are brimming his eyes.
Without another thought I let my body fall back as I leap.
"NOO!!!" I hear Rudy yell.
For now all my problems are solved, I'm finally weightless. No more burdens to carry anymore, no more George, no more grief, no more sadness, and especially no more Niall. I feel so free, I feel like I'm flying, this sensation is then replaced with sharp pain when I feel my body collide with the water. I let myself sink and I don't try to swim, instead I open mouth and let my lungs fill with water. My vision blurs and darkens, the last thing I see is another body jump in, I dont worry as I close my eyes.
Rudy's P.O.V
"Noo!! Why!! Victoria!! Why would you make her do this!?! Why do you take everyone I love!?!" I yell to God.
My baby sister just killed herself in front of my eyes and I drove her to it. This is my fault, why did I tell her she was the reason Mom and Dad left. I should've apologized.
"Rudy!" Rose yells behind me.
I hear multiple footsteps and I stay where I am with my hands in my hair.
"Where's Victoria, did you lose her?" Rose asks.
I nod as I let the tears fall down.
"Oh no." James says, he covers his mouth and stares at the water.
"Oh my god!" Rose yells in a shaky voice, she screams in horror and she falls to her knees. I go over and I wrap my arms around her.
She shakes her head and sobs in my arms. I cry with her as I lay my head on top of hers. Suddenly James jumps off the cliff and into the water.
"Noo!!" Rose and I yell.
We now are responsible for 2 suicides. When will this end?! I help Rose stand up as I lead her back to the house. When we reach it Jay is waiting outside while he's talking on the phone. We walk over to him and I still have Rose crying in my arms. He asks us what's wrong but we don't answer as we go inside and sit on the couch.
"Where are the others?" Jay asks.
Rose cries louder and I shake my head in response

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